Pre-season Raiders: Tyrone Johnson gives a threat deep missing – Silver and Black Pride

Tyron Johnson has come a long way during his first three seasons in the NFL. After stints with six other NFL teams, he’s looking for an opportunity to play time with a steady house.

The unformulated former free agent has emerged as a deep threat in 2020, which is fitting for Los Angeles Chargers. He built a relationship with Justin Herbert during his junior campaign as he demonstrated the standout moments with Johnson’s defenses beating the top.

After a shocking release by the Chargers after their 2021 training camp, Johnson finds a home with Las Vegas Raiders. Although he didn’t have any goals last season, Johnson helped out on the field by re-starting his starting line to make an impact. Working in special teams allowed him to roam the crew.

“When you’re not that one or two or three, you have to play special teams. It’s essential to make the team. So as much as I focus on attacking, I call special teams because that could be my way into the team.”

Fast forward to training camp, Johnson fights for a place on a roster in a vast, talented reception room. He’s creating a consistent buzz with the media and fans, even earning the nickname “T-Billy”. Former shipper has caught the attention of Josh McDaniels and wants to continue improving as an all-rounder.

“Being a fast guy, that’s all people talk about, ‘He’s fast, he’s fast.'” “At the end of the day, I just want to get the overall game in terms of track run, track depth and blocking. I want to make it clear that I can do a lot more things than just speed.”

Johnson’s improvement as a road runner is evident in the game movie. His release in exchange for the press helped him win against the coverage of Man vs. Jacksonville. He just had trouble finishing, but the blast was remarkable, showing off the potential of the fourth-year receiver.

The nuance of the road continued in the second match vs. Minnesota Vikings. Johnson didn’t get a goal on this one, but he sold the goal and forced the corner into a half turn. Without losing speed, he can cut inside, resulting in a breakup, but the target goes to Mac Hollins.

Davante Adams has an effect on the young recipient. His dynamic way of running pounces on Johnson, absorbing all the information.

Johnson said of Adams, “Just wit in the way, the way he opens up. He doesn’t use speed at all, he uses bluffing and head jerking and more hip movement. Things that few people can do after him.”

Johnson is a player who can steal if he reaches his potential. His speed and improved trajectory can create explosive offense plays that lack a deep real threat. He can unlock a ready scrolling game to spread three dominant players into their positions. Johnson can join this group if he keeps going up on the depth chart.

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