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It’s been long enough for me not to feel guilty about revealing Christopher Nolan prestige It builds on a magical revelation that connects the film’s themes about twins, lookalikes and more. Don’t worry, it’s more complicated than that, but the movie (and its literary source) realize it’s better to convey key information in a snapshot that is likely to confuse a lot of audience than to put a lot of effort into making it clear. The magic completely disappears. Sure, there are entire shows dedicated to pulling the curtain on the mysteries of decomposition, but I’ll bet many (most?) viewers are more interested in being dumbfounded properly.

A completely different tale of twins, doppelganger etc., NetflixThe new series of seven episodes is limited reverberation Explains the dangers of over-explaining. Over the course of four episodes, author Vanessa Gazi and showrunner Brian Yorkie walk a difficult tightrope of confusion, with a puzzle seemingly complex enough to sustain constant interest and even curiosity, which is enhanced in no small part by… Michelle MonaghanExceptionally enjoyable double performance. Then there’s an entire episode explaining just about everything over the course of 50 minutes full of exhibits and suddenly once you know what’s going on… there’s nothing left.


bottom line

Quirky trivial fun for a few episodes and then boring and overstated.

Presentation date: Friday, August 19 (Netflix)
spit: Michelle Monaghan, Matt BomerAnd the Daniel SungataAli Stroker, Karen Robinson, Jonathan Tucker
Creator: Vanessa Ghazi

The breakdown that follows ranges from inconsequential to just plain boring, and never abandons the fully featured group, but turns into a completely generic suspense thriller with only interesting themes of identity.

It is better not to fully understand than to understand well.

In Broad Strokes, Lenny and Gina (Monaghan) are twins living completely different lives. Gina is a reasonably successful author who lives in comfort in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, Charlie (Daniel Sonjata, with some strong odd line readings). More local Lenny stayed in their Virginia hometown, where she maintains a horse ranch with her husband Jack (Matt Bomer, scruffy and tormented) and daughter Matty (Gabel Swanlund). While Lenny is a pillar of society in Virginia, everyone still remembers making trouble for Bad Jenna. But no one knows that since they were young, Lenny and Jenna have been exchanging lives.


When Lenny disappears on the eve of her birthday, Gina returns home, where each location reminds her of a different personal tragedy. And I mean everywhere. Like I understood why Jenna tried to get away. See an old church? recovery! bath tub? recovery! horse rink? recovery! Director Kat Candler never lets you forget that there are a lot of things that her heroines try to forget. He is very aggressive and perhaps a little close to parody, because if I lived in the untold Virginia Town, I would have long known that any closeness of Lenny and Gina was dangerous for man and horse alike.

There were drownings, fires, and swaps between partners in their shared past, and the lines between Lenny and Jenna, between good and evil, soon blurred, much to the chagrin of their husbands, father (Michael O’Neill) and sons. Sister Claudia (winner Tony on Stroker), victim of one of the twins’ misadventures. It’s up to local mayor Louise Floss (Karen Robinson) to sort everything out before new tragedies become the stuff of traumatic memories in the future.

For a while, it’s interesting to watch the underused Monaghan tear up this meaty role. Lenny has a Southern accent and wears her hair in a braid. Gina has no such accent, she falls out her hair and prefers eyeliner to highlight the ‘Bad Gina’ sparkle in her eyes. Monaghan is having fun, so the show is fun. It plays the differences between the twins cleverly, so the show almost gives the impression of being clever, although there are a lot of mechanical details of the thing the twins were doing that don’t warrant even the slightest attention.

The story here will likely run for 90 minutes of suspended disbelief, but it’s definitely not a series, however limited it may be, especially considering how lethargic the current story regarding Lenny’s disappearance is. There’s something about stolen horses and purified ketamine just barely going up due to the always strong Jonathan Tucker as a guy with a history with one or both sisters or something.

Although the mystery you’re looking at is idle, the series’ most-watchable non-Monaghan element is Canadian actress Robinson in a completely different role than Monaghan. Sheet Creek Some viewers recognize it. Easily overlooked as a petite, Sheriff Floss’s gentle outward appearance is a cover for cunning genius. The character has been portrayed as one of the most stark characters Colombo The take-offs I can remember, including one scene where you literally complete a harmless conversation, head for the door, turn around and declare “Something else!” It’s a shout out and even if the character was from an entirely different show, a show that could have wrapped up the entire season in 44 minutes, Robinson is all in the homage.

Then again, Sheriff Floss is partly to blame for bringing the series to a premature stalemate. when you start to catch it, reverberation It becomes a rich series of interrogations, with each explanation and each motive proving less satisfactory, destroying any sliver of mystery that was previously the show.

In fact, the show wasn’t really a “mystery”. There was no claim that this was vertigo Or something where the journey into many a tormented soul would provide us with enlightenment on the condition of man or the like. at its best, reverberation He aspired to soap opera garbage of a grating kind. And imagine what? I appreciate it. reverberation It has some superficial similarities to HBO Max’s Gugu Mbatha-Raw thriller double. the girl before and Apple TV + Surfacetwo shows so sure from their basic depth that they forgot to be entertaining.

I don’t believe in the concept of guilty pleasures – love what you love! – But I totally believe in the rubbish rumor. for a few hours, reverberation achieves this much. You can get busy with it until you are not. Finally, distrusting the wit of the audience was too much for me, and despite Monaghan and Robinson’s worthy double act Colombo– dexterity, reverberation She never recovered from revealing how her trick was accomplished – long before it was fully realized.

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