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Dennis Eckersley of the Boston Red Sox TV didn’t supplement the Pittsburgh Pirates during Tuesday’s broadcast:

“You’re talking about a no-name squad. There is no team like this,” Eckersley said. “This is a mixture of nothingness. It’s silly. It really is.”

Eckersley looked stunned. The Pirates haven’t played a Red Sox since 2017. And Eckersley hasn’t recently seen the filth and fury.

Eckersley’s words were a little harsh. But no lies were revealed.

This is how pirates are seen outside of Pittsburgh. It’s how it should be displayed locally as well. not enough.

Eckersley’s bad promo got traction. There was a shirt the next day: “A jumble of nothingness.” It was marketed by a company that usually filled pirates and Pittsburgh pride.


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The Buccaneers lost on Tuesday 5-3.

The pirate responded back.

Defensive Brian Reynolds said, “I couldn’t give less than crap what this guy is saying.”

Yes, who cares what Eckersley says?

Eckersley is the only MVP, Cy Young award winner, World Series Champion, six-time All-Star and Baseball Hall of Famer. He was the first-ever bowler to have 20 wins and 50 saves. In his prime, Eckersley often did short work with Reynolds.

Reynolds is the best Pirates player. This is akin to being the smartest guy in prison.

Buccaneers loyalist Will Crowe called Eckersley a “jungle league” and said Eckersley was guilty of betraying a “brotherhood” of Major League baseball players.

Crowe has eight career wins, three career saves, and a 5.05 lifetime ERA. Eckersley has 197 wins, 390 saves and 3.50 ERA. They are hardly in the same sibling. Crewe is a delta, Eckersley is an omega. “Thank you sir, can I have another?”

Broadcaster Greg Brown said, “What’s more ridiculous? A team with the lowest payroll that finished last or (the Red Sox team) with the fifth or sixth highest payroll under 0.500?”

This is the worst kind of aberration.

No doubt the Red Sox and their $207.8 million payroll are frustrated to be at the bottom of the AL East and four games out of the wild card place.

But the Red Sox were in the AL Championship Series only last season and won the World Series in 2018. The Buccaneers last won a playoff series (and a world championship) in 1979. Boston is having a bad season, but their $207.8 million paycheck is proof of trying to win. The Red Sox always does.

Pirate owner Bob Notting has provided no such evidence.

The last time hackers were good, from 2013 to 2015, Nutting made their window faster by cutting salaries to increase profits. If the hacker is good again, Nutting will do the same. Nutting can’t be completely trusted to do anything other than his bottom line.

A hacker will never get as much revenue or payroll as Boston. But their income is great. It is a very profitable franchise. According to Forbes, the Pirates earned $258 million in 2021. Their player expenses were $74 million. You do the math.

The average MLB salary is $148 million. Pirate half of it. Looking at the revenue, this seems very low. (Writing about this for decades is a stressful proposition.)

Reynolds, Crowe, and Brown can’t be blamed for their responses. Reynolds and Crowe should be proud of their team, even if deep down they knew something different. The pirates pay Brown to be a shell frankly. Brown acts in this capacity with much more dignity than many. His job is to sell pirates, and he does that.

But maybe it would have been better not to say anything or to be vanilla. like the manager Derek Shelton Reply.

If you are a poo, don’t get angry when someone tells you you smell. I lost this right.

If we are to accept pirates as they are, then pirates must own what they are. Ignore things like Eckersley said, especially when it’s more true than an insult.

The Red Sox beat the Pirates again on Wednesday, 8-3. This brought the Red Sox back to .500 and slightly nullified Brown’s refutation.

For Boston, as for many teams, playing the Buccaneers was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

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