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Another year older, another year wiser.

Frances Bean Cobain – the daughter of late singer Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love – admitted she was “not sure” she would make it to her 30th birthday, which she celebrated on Wednesday.

“30!!! It worked! Honestly, the 20-year-old Frances wasn’t sure this would happen Emotional post on Instagramwhich was accompanied by several pictures of her and her loved ones.

“At the time, there was an intrinsic sense of deep self-hatred dictated by insecurity and destructive coping mechanisms and trauma than my body or mind knew how to handle, and informed how I saw myself and the world; through the lens of resentment for having entered into a life that seemed to attract so much chaos And the kind of pain associated with inescapable grief,” the artist continued, referring to the loss of her father at such a young age.

Frances was only one year old when Kurt died by suicide at the age of 27.

Francis Bean Cobain
The 30-year-old revealed an experience on a plane that changed her outlook on life.
Instagram / thespacewitch

Frances then elaborated on how the moment she began to feel grateful for her life was an “event on a plane that brought me closer to death.”

“I’m glad I proved myself wrong and that I found ways to turn pain into knowledge,” she added.

In this new chapter of life, the late Nirvana striker’s only child said she hopes to “stay soft no matter how cruel the world is at times, enjoy the present moment with respect, shower the people I’m lucky enough to love with more appreciation than words can do justice.” It provides a space to continue learning, so the growth never stops.”

Kurt and Francis.
The Nirvana striker died when Frances was in her first year.

In many of the stills she shared, Frances can be seen posing with her new man, Riley Hawk, who is Tony Hawk’s skater son.

Back in February, hmm First appeared on Instagram. However, it is not known since when they were actually dating.

Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk.
Frances is now dating Riley Hook.
Instagram / thespacewitch

Francis’ new relationship comes years after her Submit an application for divorce From her ex-husband Isaiah Silva. The two ended things again in 2016 after nearly two years of marriage.

After their messy divorce, Silva She kept her father’s famous guitar, Martin D-18E, in 1959which he claimed to have been given as a wedding gift. Frances denied that she ever gave him the guitar.

Soon, Page Six mentioned it The guitar is up for auction.

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