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We are in the midst of it now. Three weeks of training camp and one pre-season game in the books, and Cincinnati Bengals It has already started shrinking its initial roster of 53 players.

The season getting closer and closer brings more clarity when looking at the roster schedule and depth chart. Players who train as they play usually arrive in September with their names on the locker. There are still important practices to come and a couple of other fairs to play, but the whole picture gets easier to decipher as the days go by.

Here’s our latest offering on our first week’s roster.

Pilot Rear (2)

Jake Browning and Drew Plett gave us some pretty sweet moments against Arizona, but Allen is still the man they trust behind the boroughs. Allen’s concussion wouldn’t be enough for Browning to overcome. The real battle is between Browning and Billet for a place on the coaching team, and even that is Browning’s staunch favour.

running back (3)

  • Joe Mixon
  • Samaje Perineum
  • Chris Evans

Evans hasn’t shown more than enough just to challenge Perrin for shots, and there’s nothing a fourth full-back can do and neither can. As long as Mixon remains healthy, he really only needs two behind him. Special teams help can be found elsewhere.

Broad Receptor (7)

  • Ja’Marr Chase
  • T. Higgins
  • Tyler Boyd
  • Mike Thomas
  • Stanley Morgan Jr.
  • Trent Taylor
  • Kendrick Pryor

Brewer’s work from junior camp to boot camp is paying off. It’s always great to see trained warriors show up on game days and make lasting impressions. Pryor showed his value as a receiver in the field, and most importantly, as a gunner in firing squads.

But the only way Pryor gets through the final cuts is if they decide to go with a seven. Thomas not playing at all is a clear sign that he is not being pushed and that he is safe. Assembling Taylor for a great reception performance only strengthens his case to get around it, and Morgan doesn’t feel like he’s in the bubble either. We’ll see if Pryor continues to increase his momentum.

tight ends (3)

  • Hayden Hurst
  • Drew sample
  • Thaddeus Moss

Mitchell Wilcox’s injury isn’t perfect as Moss becomes the obvious benefactor of his absence. Wilcox’s recovery must be rapid before Moss can establish himself as a worthy third party. We know it’s good enough as a receiver, and it’s the ban that needs work. Fortunately for him, the competition is not so fierce.

Assault Navigation Men (9)

  • Lyle Collins
  • Jonah Williams
  • Alex Capa
  • Ted Krass
  • Cordell Fulson
  • Isaiah Prince
  • Dante Smith
  • Tree Hill
  • Jackson Carman

Everyone’s eyes were on Karman last week and Hakim Adeniji should be grateful he played worse in the season opener. It got to the point where the team had to feel comfortable about cutting him off with the intent of hiding him in the coaching squad. The odds of him clearing concessions should be high at this point, regardless of his experience. Smith’s return to practice gives the streak a solid depth in handling Prince as the end of the second series. Hill might be the first inside lineman off the bench, too, unless there’s an incoming waived wire pickup.

Defensive Navigation Men (10)

  • Trey Hendrickson
  • Sam Hubbard
  • DJ player
  • BJ Hill
  • Joseph Usai
  • Josh Topo
  • Zack Carter
  • Khaled Karim
  • cam sample
  • Jeff Gunther

Perhaps the most baffling note from last Friday was the lack of Tyler Schleffen. There was no news of the previous fourth-round pick injury, and he’s certainly not at a point where he needs to stay out of pre-season cast. So why was he out on the field for a surprising one (1) total? Evidence suggests that it is not high in defensive intervention turnover. And with Gunther proving he belongs every single day, he’s completing a powerful 10-deep set.

Lindbyers (5)

  • Logan Wilson
  • Jermaine Pratt
  • Achim Davis Geither
  • Marcus Bailey
  • Clay Johnston

Johnston continues to do the right things. He’s been getting ample reps with Joe Bacchi still on the PUP roster, and having just five supporters means a fifth will be active and reliable for special teams. Johnston played the seventh most team shots and scored two tackles in the process. Cincinnati’s original Tegray scales appear to be in the process of research, too.

Cornerbacks (6)

  • Shidobi Ozzie
  • Mike Hilton
  • This is it, Apple
  • Cam Taylor Britt
  • see flowers
  • Galen Davis

Taylor Brett’s primary injury comes at a bad time in the second round, but the situation would be much worse if Apple wasn’t playing well. The injury shouldn’t put Taylor Brett on the PUP list when the season rolls around, but he could be inactive for a week or two. As long as the other five are healthy, they’ll be fine in the meantime.

Aman (5)

  • Jesse Bates III
  • Von Bell
  • Dax Hill
  • Michael Thomas
  • Thyssen-Anderson

There is also a negative impact on Taylor Brett’s absence. He should allow Hill to see the field as a defensive back who does everything to give them more depth at the back corner. He probably won’t see a lot of deep safety shots once Bates is back in the picture, but he’ll have a turn out of the gate. Wilson is still not allowed to train, so Thomas sticks to his own leadership and abilities.

specialists (3)

  • Clark Harris
  • Kevin Hooper
  • Evan Macpherson

It was really an equal competition in the long snapper and the gambler/carrier. Harris and Cal Adomitis split casting on an equal footing with Huber and Drue Chrisman. It’s still too early to say if the younger guys have gained any traction from the ruthless vets, so for now, we’ll tackle the classic duo. The first sign of weakness to emerge from either of them, specifically Huber, may be enough to flip the switch.

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