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While Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes narrowly prefers incumbent Ron Johnson in Wisconsin Senate RaceJohnson’s supporters have enthusiasm.

A Fox News poll of Wisconsin voters found Barnes to lead Johnson by 50-46%, an advantage within the poll’s margin of error.

Fox News Poll - WI Senate

Fox News Poll – WI Senate
(Fox News)

Sen. Ron Johnson: FBI corruption ‘running deep’

At the same time, more Johnson supporters (66%) than Barnes supporters (57%) do so “enthusiastically,” and three times as many of those who support Barnes say their support revolves around disliking Johnson.

Fox News Poll - Support WI . Candidate

Fox News Poll – Support WI . Candidate
(Fox News)

The race is tight among voters who say they are “extremely” excited to vote in November (49% each) and Barnes is up by two points among those who think they will vote (49-47%).

Overall, strong support among moderates (+37), suburban women (+30), voters 65 and older (+23), and voters with a college degree (+16) generally helped Barnes.

It also enjoys greater party loyalty, such as 96% of Democrats Support him against 91% of Republicans in favor of Johnson. The small subgroup of freelancers prefer two-to-one Barnes.

Johnson’s top groups include white evangelical Christians (+31 points), men without a college degree (+17), men (+10), rural voters (+8), and voters under 45 (+6).

Johnson won re-election in 2016 by 3.4 percentage points.

“Geographically, Barnes has cut Johnson’s support in suburban and rural areas of the state,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who jointly conducts polls on Fox News with Democrat Chris Anderson. Johnson has to win back those voters and cut his losses with suburban women if he keeps his seat.

Inflation is the biggest concern of voters in Wisconsin. 28% say it will be the most important in their Senate vote, followed by 17% who say abortion and 15% say election integrity and voting rights.

Fox News Poll - Voter Issues in WI

Fox News Poll – Voter Issues in WI
(Fox News)

Inflation voters favor Johnson by 56 points. Those who prioritize abortion go high for Barnes, by 72 points, while election integrity/voting rights voters favor it by 13.

Fox News Poll - WI Voters Could Raise Trouble If Elections Are Held Today

Fox News Poll – WI Voters Could Raise Trouble If Elections Are Held Today
(Fox News)

A majority of 55% of Wisconsin voters disapprove of the US Supreme Court coup Raw vs. Wade, and these voters largely support Barnes (67 points). Those who agree to Dobbs Decision (37%) broadly favor Johnson (by 83 points).

Johnson’s positive rating is a net negative of 6 points (45% positive vs. 51% unfavorable). Barnes is in a net positive territory of 13 (48-35%), but he’s also less well known. About 17% are unable to rate it compared to just 4% for Johnson.

Meanwhile, more voters are more concerned or seriously concerned that Johnson’s views are too extreme (44%) than they feel about Barnes (30%).

Fox News Poll - Opinions of WI . Candidates

Fox News Poll – Opinions of WI . Candidates
(Fox News)

“If voters see an extreme candidate in this race, it’s Johnson,” Anderson says. “Even among Republicans, a small majority is concerned that Barnes is too radical, while nearly all Democrats say the same about Johnson. Independents are more likely to think Johnson is radical than they are to feel this way about Barnes.”

When asked to compare their family’s financial situation to what it was two years ago, many said two and a half times that things were worse (45%) than better (17%). For about 4 out of 10, it’s the same.

He was elected in 2018, and ousted Governor Tony Evers Current Republican Scott Walker by about 1 point.

Today, half of Wisconsin voters approve of Evers’ job—and that’s how many he will be reelected. He favored Republican challenger Tim Michaels by 3 points, 49% to 46%.

Fox News Poll - Wisconsin Government

Fox News Poll – Wisconsin Government
(Fox News)

the government. Tony Evers’ opioid settlement spending plan faces hurdle in Wisconsin legislation

Evers also gained 3 points among those who said they were certain to vote in November (50-47%), while the race tied for 49% among those who said they were too excited to vote.

Overall, 96% of Democrats support Evers versus 91% of Republicans for Michaels. Freelancers prefer Evers by more than 20 points.

In addition to party loyalty, Evers owes his advantage to strong support among voters 65 or older, moderates, those with a college degree, and women—particularly, suburban women.

Positive opinions of the candidates match the voting. Half have a favorable opinion of Evers (50% favorable, 47% unfavorable) and just under half view Michaels favorably (46-41%).

In 2020, President Biden led former President Trump by less than one percentage point in Badger State. The survey found that while both have negative personal ratings, Biden remains more popular. It is underwater by 6 points (46% favorable, 52% unfavorable), while Trump is underwater by 10 (44-54%).

By a margin of 54-45%, voters in Wisconsin feel very confident or very confident that the 2020 presidential ballots were legitimately cast and accurately counted in their state. About 9 in 10 of those who trust the voting process prefer Barnes and Evers, while 9 in 10 of those who lack confidence go back to Johnson and Michaels.

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Conducted August 12-16, 2022, under the joint supervision of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News Polls It includes interviews with 1,006 registered voters in Wisconsin who were randomly selected from a statewide voter profile and who spoke with interviewers live on both landlines and cell phones. The total sample has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Victoria Ballara of Fox News contributed to this report.

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