Outfielder Bradley Zimmer is known for his defense. Zimmer was 8-for-76 (.105) with 33 strikeouts this season for the Blue Jays.

Phillies finds central field help by claiming Bradley Zimmer be excused from waivers – Philadelphia Inquirer

When the Phillies packed their things on Wednesday and left Cincinnati, the front office worked on the phones to get an assistant player, which isn’t an easy task after the trade deadline.

Bradley Zimmer, come on down.

Velez Zimmer demanded that Thursday’s concessions from the Toronto Blue Jays be rescinded and quarterback Brandon Marsh was put on the injury list, as expected, with bruised left knee and a sprained left ankle.

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To free up a place on the 40-man list, Phillies moved Bryce Harper to the 60-day injured list, a procedural move since Harper has been out since June 25. He will still be able to return by the approximate target date of September.1.

Zimmer, 29, is a .214/.301/.337 hitter with 21 home runs in 830 careers in the Major League at bat for Cleveland and Toronto. It’s been 8 for 76 (.105) with 33 strikes this season for the Blue Jays.

But Zimmer’s strength is his defense. He’s an above-average midfielder, and the Velez will ask him to hold everything he can until Marsh returns.

Marsh was injured Tuesday evening in Cincinnati when he attempted a wall jump in the right quarter field and landed on his left knee, which swerved awkwardly under his 215-pound body weight. He survived what at first appeared to be a serious knee injury but did not fully avoid harm.

Complicating the situation further, left midfielder Kyle Schwarber was hampered by a strained right calf. Schwarber will likely be back in the lineup Friday night against the New York Mets but will likely be the designated hitter.

Matt Ferling moved to center field to replace Marsh, but player Nick Matton had to fill his place as the left-hander. Mattoon played a total of 7 innings on the court in the minors and had never done so in the majors until Tuesday night.

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The Velez lacked the interior options to replace Marsh. Simon Moziotti, the candidate most likely to be called up from third place, lost the season last weekend due to a ruptured tendon in his knee. Assist player Jairo Muñoz and double backer Gillen Ortiz are the only other options on the 40-player list.

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