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When it comes to Kanye West’s Yeezy streetwear brand, one man’s trash (bag) is really another man’s treasure. In a new interview, West publicly defends his choice to sell his brand’The much-desired collaboration with Gap from big black construction bags, a decision criticized by some on Twitter as the allotment of poverty to the sale of high-end hoodies. In the now-deleted Instagram post (which Los Angeles Times reported), West stated that he found inspiration for the line in “Children” and “The Homeless.”

talk with Fox NewsWest defended his aesthetic choices, stating that he does not care about making fun of the homeless but hopes to challenge traditional trappings of fashion with more equal clothing.

“Look man, I’m creative and I’m not here to sit and apologize for my thoughts,” West says. “That’s exactly what the media is trying to do, making us apologize for any idea that doesn’t fall under the way they want us to think.”

Mass awareness of Yeezy Gap’s unique offering came initially from a Viral Tweet by the user Tweet embed, who shared a photo of a neat hobo scene on a one-store website. “The sales assistant said Ye was crazy when he saw they were putting her on relationships, which is what he wanted,” the tweet read. “They won’t help you find your size either, you just have to research everything.”

West participates in Fox News Clipped, his face is partially protected by a simple black flat edge. “I’m fighting for a position to be able to change clothes and give people the best design.” He also shares his disdain for people who “fool creators” like him into trying new (albeit easy to remember) design formats.

According to interviewer Eric Schön, West says that “God’s plan” makes him share his thoughts Fox News. Although a Fox and Friends A spot for West to defend his clothing line from online haters seems far from a heavenly priority, who knows –If God is really Just slob like one of usDon’t you think he’ll be on Twitter?

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