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fatHe will return to the big screen after the death of famous movie star Olivia Newton-John in 1978.

Adam Aaron, CEO of AMC, announced Thursday that the classic musical will be shown in 135 of the series’ theaters for a $5 admission fee, and $1 of each ticket sold will be donated to breast cancer research.

To honor the late Olivia Newton-John, many of our associates United States theaters This weekend she will be showing her iconic 1978 classic Grease, once again on the big screen.”

“An inexpensive entry price of $5, and through our charity AMC Cares, we will donate $1 for every ticket sold to breast cancer research.”


The 1979 movie “Grease” returns to the big screen to honor its late co-star Olivia Newton-John, who died of breast cancer. Tickets will cost $5, and $1 of each ticket sold will go to breast cancer research. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

Olivia Newton-John receiving a tribute from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Natalie Imbruglia with Summer Nights Cover

Advance tickets for “Grease” are available to purchase now with the movie starting August 19.

Newton John died on August 8 at the age of 73 after an earthquake A three-decade battle with breast cancer.

The four-time Grammy winner rose to fame after starring in “Grease” as healthy Australian exchange student Sandy Olson, who falls in love with the rebellious leader of the local “Grease” gang, Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta.

After her death, salutes poured in from Travolta, Barbra StreisandOprah, Viola Davis, and Kylie Minogue are among other celebrities.

Travolta, who has maintained a strong friendship with Newton-John over the years, shared an old photo of his late star on Instagram.

Olivia Newton - John John Travolta Grace

“John” co-actor John Travolta paid tribute to her on Instagram after her death, saying she made the lives of everyone around her better. (Paramount Pictures/Photos International/Getty Images)

“Dear Olivia, you have made our whole lives so much better,” Travolta wrote in a comment on his message.

“You were incredible. I love you so much. We’ll see you on the road and we’ll all be together again. Yours from the first moment I saw you and forever!”

The “Pulp Fiction” star signed his message with “Your Danny, your John!”


Prime Minister Newton john australiaAnthony Albanese also honored the star, saying she was “a bright, cheerful glow in our lives.”

Variety reported Monday that audio and video broadcasts of Newton-John’s songs jumped 614% in the week after her death. Sales of the track “Grease” increased by 231%, album sales increased by 1339%.

Chicks praised Newton John During their concert on Saturday in the Gorge, Washington. The band performed their single from “Grease”, “Hopelessly To You”.

Chris Martin

Coldplay star Chris Martin paid tribute to the late star when he invited Natalie Imbruglia on stage to sing “Summer Nights,” a hit from “Grease.” (Harry Heard/Redfernce/Getty Images)

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During a Coldplay concert at Wembley Stadium in London on Tuesday night, the band’s leader, Chris Martinand Natalie Imbruglia sang the duet Danny and Sandy’s hit “Summer Nights” in honor of Newton John.

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