Owen Wilson says Marvel scolded him ‘many times’ for talking too much about ‘Loki’:

Add Owen Wilson to list marvel The actors who got into hot water with Marvel Studios. The actor who joined the MCU inlokiMoebius m. Mobius, recently confirmed in an interview with ComicBook.com He’s currently filming the second season of the Disney+ series, but all Wilson will reveal is this: “Yeah, we do. Yeah Tom [Hiddleston] great. We’re shooting Loki, and we’re shooting that right now in London.”

When asked for more information, Wilson stopped revealing anything. “Well, I guess … you know, we’ll see what happens with this,” he said. “I immediately feel ashamed because they are so nervous.”

Wilson notes that Marvel is nervous with actors revealing too much information about their own projects. Has Wilson been reprimanded by Marvel for talking too much about “Loki” in the past? Yes, Wilson said. “Yes, many times.”

Last year, Wilson infamously said Esquire magazine About the text message he received from an anonymous Marvel employee after letting him slip away from the mustache he had for his character “Loki”.

“I let it slip through my mind, I had a mustache for Mobius,” Wilson said. “I received an ominous text saying ‘first strike’. I don’t know who that was, we think it might have been Kevin Feige using a burner phone but it hasn’t been confirmed.”

Marvel stars like Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo are also known for handing out spoilers. Ruffalo streamed a segment of “Thor: Ragnarok” on Instagram after forgetting to turn off the camera at the movie’s Hollywood premiere. He also let her get away with Good Morning America before Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters where everyone in the movie dies.

The first season of “Loki” is currently nominated for six Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Season two won’t start until next year.

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