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In spite of Heavy rain and thunderstorms that hit the UK this week, many areas of the country are still suffering from drought. Drought officially announced via Eight regions of England Friday 12 August, with the ninth – Yorkshire – added a few days later.

What is dehydration?

There is no single definition of drought, but one way to describe it is a long period of abnormally low rainfall, which results in a lack of water. In the UK, rainfall in many areas was well below average for July.

Regional graph of precipitation for the United Kingdom.

This lack of precipitation, compared to what would normally be expected in the UK at this time of year, was combined with record high temperatures.

temperature records chart

What are the effects of dehydration?

The combination of record temperatures and low rainfall has left the UK land drier than it should be. data from UK Center for Environment and Hydrology It shows that much of southern and eastern England suffers from very dry underground conditions. Conditions like this are of particular concern to farmers, who usually dig their seeds at this time of year – a job that may prove impossible. When the earth is hard and dry.

UK Ground Water – Map

across the UK, Scenes of dead grass and dry rivers A familiar sight. These changes are so stark that they can be seen from space. Satellite images show that the UK has burned, turning from green to brown in a matter of months, even more so than in recent years as this comparison with August 2020 shows.

satellite image
Photo: Sentinel 3, European Space Agency

What can the UK do about the drought?

Water companies are responsible for investing in infrastructure to ensure a reliable supply of water. However, it has been a lot Swipe for not doing it. Some companies have failed to tackle leaks and pollution, or to build more tanks, even as their bosses keep working. Rewarded with great rewards.

While the government has stressed that the basic water supply for households is not at risk, water companies are asking people to Try to save water where possible. A Hosepipe ban has been announced in many of the hardest-hit areas, with Thames Water announcing the ban this week.

Hosepipe Bans Map

However, with drought conditions expected to continue into October and possibly the new year, along with concerns that droughts will become more common, Long-term solutions from water companies increasingly urgent.

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