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After trading for Von Miller in the middle of the season last year, Los Angeles rams Get a taste of what it’s like to really have an elite rush. Between Miller, Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd, the Los Angeles callers disrupted the cross-signal during the playoff — even making Tom Brady look bad during three-quarters of a tour match.

But once Miller hit the free agency market, his price skyrocketed to a figure the Rams couldn’t feel comfortable with. Instead he signed with buffalo bills.

Give L.A. credit: They didn’t panic after they lost Miller and didn’t make the odd move to try to replace him.

The Rams would give Justin Hollins, Terrell Lewis and Chris Jarrett the opportunity to take the next step in their careers and become a massive passer thrusting off the opposite edge of Floyd. If it doesn’t, well, the rams will do what they’ve always done – get a proven veteran in a bad situation and make him onto a winning list.

In fact, there is a (good) chance when LA takes the field for its exhibition game against Houston Texas This weekend, they could face a future player – Defender of the Year 3 Jonathan Grinard.

How good is Greenard?

Inducted into the third round of Florida State in 2020, Grinard spent most of his rookie season on the sidelines – but emerged as a passing talent in the second year.

Due to multiple injuries and the match with COVID-19, the defensive end of the second year was only played in 11 effective matches. He suffered a foot injury in Week 18 that limited him to just 7 snaps and required off-season surgery. Despite losing the best part of 6 matches, Greenard still scored 8 sacks.

8 sacks is a good measure by conventional stats, but Greenard’s performance on the field was excellent from an analytical perspective as well.

One of the most stable ways to fruitfully assess a passing dash is to look at a player’s specific performance on the PFF’s “real pass combinations,” which aggregate screen displays, play movement, subtract design, and play where the quarterback takes an abnormal time to throw the ball. The purpose of this exercise is to isolate plays where defensive players and attackers are on an equal footing – this is the most reliable way to predict the outcome of rushing a pass in the future.

In “real pass combinations,” Greenard has a 25% burst win rate and a 90.1 pass PFF lunge score – an elite objective measure and ranks 12th among all defenders after applying a minimum of 20%.

There aren’t many better players at speeding up the passer than Greenard, and with only entering its third season, there is room for growth.

Why it might be available:

The Texans aren’t looking to compete this year, although Davis Mills may be good enough in his second season to keep Houston out of the competition for the first overall pick in the draft.

After trading Deshaun Watson, Houston has a wealth of trial capital – although moving to a future quarterback isn’t cheap and they will need all the selections they can get.

Grinard’s contract expired after the 2023 season, and the team will likely have to give him a hefty wage before the rest of the roster is ready to compete. Does it make sense to keep the defensive end around constant rebuilding, or is it in their best interest to continue to accumulate premium draft picks?

What is the cost of it?

The Rams didn’t have a first draft round in 2023 due to EnergyHe won a deal for quarterback Matthew Stafford, but they could still get three picks in the first three rounds. Los Angeles would gain a compensating option if the minority assistant coach took a key role in coaching elsewhere — such as Raheem Morris or Thomas Brown. At this point, it seems more likely that Morris will be head coach for another team next season — although things are changing rapidly in the NFL.

Will you pick the second round in 2023 and the first round in 2024 before it’s enough to knock Grinard out of Texas? Could it be less expensive to get a freeway traffic specialist?

Jonathan Grinard can take the Rams’ passing rush from “good” to “elite,” and the team must do what it takes to earn it while the competition window is still open.

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