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not since Big Brother 23Frenchies were in power, the head of the family’s reign has been as chaotic as Taylor this week.

On paper, this was supposed to be an uncomplicated week for Taylor — the kind of easy, exhilarating week that she definitely earned after enduring a hellish start to the season. But instead of limiting her nomination options to Just Those outside of the Leftovers alliance, Taylor 1) toyed with the idea of ​​putting at least one of her allies (Turner, in this case) on the block initially, 2) considered the nomination of her close friend Joseph (?!) as an alternate pawn who would surely be expelled in the end, and 3) use ferry A thin argument about a quick trip to London as perhaps justification for targeting Alyssa. Mess!

But as Taylor’s salad week winds down on Thursday night, the house guests’ strategies have been further upended by an entirely new development that has changed that game. Big brother into two parts for the next seven days. Read on for highlights from the two-hour episode:

Meet Veto | At the end of Wednesday’s hour, Michael hinted in the diary room to the “inevitable devastation and collapse of The Leftovers,” and with Kyle now possessing the Power of Veto, the implosion appears to have been triggered for several weeks to… currently. In short, he’s not frustrated with his own show, and he doesn’t think Alyssa’s theft of Taylor’s trip to London is a particularly good reason to take out Alyssa.

There are a lot of annoying diary room sessions on Kyle’s side, and a lot of Leftovers group meetings where nobody truly He wants to call out to Cale more because of his loyalty to Alissa than to his alliance. In the end, it’s ineffective: The Leftovers as a group decide that the nominations will stay, and Kyle really chooses not to veto the next day’s meeting. (In one of the season’s more unusual moments, though, Taylor pretended to be angry at Kyle’s decision and shouted, “You were supposed to veto the f-king!” into the storage room afterwards for dramatic effect. Jasmine and Alyssa fall for plays. , at least, but it’s an odd choice on Taylor’s part.)

Racial controversy Big Brother KyleBut here’s something we can offer under “Expect the Really Unexpected”: Big brother He actually dedicates part of Kyle’s disturbing speech last week; he has Strongly Implicit in the live broadcast that he’s worried about BIPOC’s home racers joining forces and firing white players, he was distorting last season’s historic Cookout Alliance mission statement to imply that this season’s contestants of color will inevitably get along. If you are in tune with Big brother Twitter at all, you likely saw the #StopProtectingKyle trend earlier this week as feed moderators became frustrated with the Big brotherAdjustments to primetime broadcasts, which seemed to easily dismiss Kyle’s troubling comments.

During Thursday’s episode, though, we see Michael and Brittany debrief after a strategic conversation with Kyle, and agree that they’re uncomfortable with the “optics” of two alliances based – even if subconsciously – on race. (Kyle began to feel “intimidated” by Taylor, Monty, and Joseph when they wanted him to veto, which led him to suggest targeting this “loud” trio sooner rather than later.) Brittany relays her concerns directly to Kyle as well: “If that’s ultimately the two sides [white contestants versus BIPOC contestants]’I can’t do that,'” she told him, a bewildered reply, ‘It’s just a fine line after last season. Brittany urged him not to go down this very disconcerting route, saying, “We can’t assume that’s going to be the case, though,” and Kyle gave a noncommittal response. (Well, they ate it, at least…? Are you surprised? Gladly even by acknowledgment?)

eviction | After giving us more padding even more season Kardashians Can, it’s the last time to vacate: dew She booted in a 7-1 vote, with only Michael throwing her a sympathy vote. In her post-match interview with Julie, she doesn’t blame Indy Taylor, but Kyle to eventually kick her out, citing his decision not to veto her rescue as the reason she is now out of the house.

has evolved | And then, finally, Julie was able to reveal the evolution of Split House to the remaining contestants, who were quite impressed to hear of two separate but simultaneous games Big brother It will take place this week. Here’s how it works: Five of the guests will live indoors at the Brochella Music Festival all week, and the other five will live in the backyard (!) all week at Dyre Fest. Each group of five will have one head of household and two candidates, while the couple will have no On the block that comes Thursday night that group will cast only two votes; To that end, next week’s episode will be a double kick-out in which each side loses one player.

The HOH Contest is a knockout-style contest in which pairs of house guests face off to find a “VIP” sign in pictures of packed music festival crowds until only two people are left standing. Mikhailas the actual hero of the game, will live indoors in Brochella as the head of the family for this group, while the runner-up trans It would be a HOH for Dyre Fest group overseas. As for which of the guests will be on which team, Michael and Terrance will swap player selections for their groups, with Michael choosing first to be Brochella HOH — and we’ll have to head over to the livestream to see how these drafts go.

Well, your turn! How do you feel about Twist Split House? Do you think The Leftovers will get out of the week unscathed? Leave a comment below!

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