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Whoopi Goldberg may be an A-list celebrity for the crowd, but when it comes to her family, she’s not nearly as impressive. EGOT’s granddaughter revealed in a recent interview that in her eyes, Goldberg can be “annoying,” essence reports.

Before casting the gentle shade on her grandmother, Amara tells Sky Essence that her family is a close-knit family.

“We are a young family,” she told Essence. “My great-grandmother raised me quite a bit. My grandmother is my daughter’s great-grandmother. So we established this connection. There are only five of us in our family. It’s all we have, so we are very close to each other.”

Sky added that she is particularly close to Goldberg. The couple even share a birthday (November 13th).

“I and my grandmother are very close. It’s frustrating because it’s like, ‘How am I going to compete with that?’” she said. But I’m lucky enough to have it.”

While Goldberg is an undeniable star, Skye has shared that she’s just like all grandparents – annoying at times, but filled with a lot of love for their families.

“I just feel like people know my grandmother for being whoopee. She’s creative, she’s political, everything she says catches water, but these are the eyes of the viewer.” “She’s my grandmother and she’s also really a grandmother. People who are lucky enough to let them know, grandmothers are annoying and she’s another parent. You love her, but she’s annoying, you know, it’s family.”

Goldberg was raised by Skye and the mother of the 32-year-old, Alexandria Martin Dean, whom Goldberg raised at a young age.

“She wants us to be real people. Things are not just handed to us. I just want people to know that I worked hard for my position and the things I did. I did a lot without my grandmother’s help. But the fact that she’s there to help me, you know, I don’t want to turn it on. I want to do what I can do.”

Sky proves that she can do a lot. The mother of one of them is an accomplished illustrator and doodle artist and has recently appeared on ABC Claim to famea Big brother– An inspiring show where the contestants are relatives of celebrities.

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