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One of the last remaining commercial destinations for San Francisco 49ers It looks like quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has closed.

Cleveland Browns, who was rumor If you’re interested in Garoppolo, you won’t get the veteran Niners player — at least in the trade, according to Reporting by Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports.

“They believe in Jacobi Brissett,” Jones wrote on Al Brown. They won’t trade Jimmy Garoppolo. They won’t trade his salary cap figure, which is about $24 million. Everyone in the NFL is waiting for the San Francisco 49ers to finally cut Jimmy Garoppolo, and then there could be some kind of frenzy. that feeds Garoppolo.”

The news comes on the heels of the NFL and its players union agreeing to suspend 11 games and fine Deshaun Watson $5 million. Dozens of women said Watson sexually assaulted and harassed them during massage appointments.

When the news of Watson’s initial six-match suspension was announced, Reports indicated That Brown might be interested in Garoppolo if the suspension ends longer.

However, the Browns are said to want to see how Brissett performs in the long run for a start. From signing Brissett to structuring Watson’s contract at a very low base salary for 2022, it’s clear Browns has signed a long suspension for Watson.

The Niners indicated that they had finished the Garoppolo era. its sources The leak started Negative things about the quarterback are on his way out, and the team has turned all its attention to sophomore quarterback Tre Lance to lead the offensive this coming season.

despite of Play shy at firstThe Niners wanted nothing more than to move on from Garoppolo, especially as post-season surgery surprised the team early in the season. This may not be the way the team wanted it to happen, but barring a disastrous QB injury elsewhere, perhaps this brings them closer to a single solution to their problem.

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