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In 2021, at the height of the global mass blockchain craze, A video game called Untamed Islands – Pokemon, But with coding elementsMade over $500,000 on Kickstarter. After one year, The game is practically dead, and so broken that it can’t even refund its supporters.

in Posted on the game’s Steam pageThe developers said, “We should stop developing unbridled carrots project suspension, Which only seems temporary until you read the rest of what they have to say:

There were a myriad of factors causing the lead up to this very moment but what it all comes down to is that we are unable to keep up with the demands of what we plan to do financially.

runaway islands is a very ambitious title being an open world MMORPG that hunts monsters. To work on this project, we brought over 70 employees on board and have been working tirelessly for over two years to build the game we’ve all been dreaming of. The truth is, the development cost is high and there were a lot of bumps in our path to this point. Since we started the journey in 2020, the economic landscape in general and specifically for cryptocurrencies has changed drastically, and we are not confident about the current market. Our finances are running out and we cannot continue to develop at this moment.

When they say that “the economic landscape has changed dramatically, they mean”The donkey has fallen out of the crypto marketOn whom we bet your money:

We descended into the cryptocurrency market and expanded rapidly on the back of positive interest. When the accident happened, we ended up with a very short runway. The game remains number one, crypto second by design, but crypto money has become, and continues to be, essential in our access to release. Unlike many projects that have collapsed in a storm, we actually have a great game design that can stand on its own two feet. But until the encryption mode is resolved – and we’re sure it will at some point – then we have to hibernate development on this project.

This donkey has fallen so far The developers say in a separate postAnd the Since our cash reserves are empty, we are not in a position to refund our initial backers. We really regret this and wish this scenario would be different.”

While this may be part of the story as I’d say everyone who supports this game has done just fineThey do what they deserve, the truth is that untamed island The coding items were optional, and it’s clear from the backers’ notes below the “stop” ad on Kickstarter that a lot of people were only interested in the game itself, not its speculative items:

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picture: unbridled carrots

untamed island The ‘gap’ is particularly strange It was just two weeks ago that the team was confirming a release date of October 6, 2022, and that one of its main promises at the time of the Kickstarter campaign was, “We are fortunate to have secured funding that will allow us to safely provide essential functionality and gameplay.

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