Kirby rolls through an ice cream course at Kirby's Dream Buffet.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a birthday present, but playing online spoils the party – Digital Trends

Kirby spends the whole year. The 30th Anniversary of the Pink Puffball was an unforgettable memory thanks to the extraordinary Kirby and the Forgotten NetworkDr. It would have been a gift for fans, but Nintendo threw one last birthday party in the form of Kirby dream povRAvailable now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $15.

Dream Kirby Buffet – Introduction Overview – Nintendo Switch

The surprising multiplayer game takes elements from classic Kirby facilities such as Kirby’s Dream Course and combines them into a file Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout-Such as party game. Four players compete in four rounds of mini-games, devouring as many strawberries as they can the size of Kirby balloons. If nothing else, the eating courses are sure to make you very, very hungry.

It’s a modest release, one on par with Kirby’s delightful history of microblogging, but it’s a fun release filled with a festive throwback to the series’ past. A few frustrating elements to the party, the game finds Nintendo’s shaky online system to be at its worst here.

Happy birthday Kirby!

Dream Kirby Buffet It is a little gauntlet, as the multiplayer rounds take no more than 10 minutes. Players start out on a racing track filled with food, where they will need to navigate a track full of obstacles and turn around to the finish. There are some surprisingly clever dynamics at play here. Getting the most strawberries is the name of the game, so the courses entice players to follow more complex ways with additional fruits to collect. However, it is still a race and the prize for getting to the finish first is the ability to eat a stack of 50 strawberries. The other three players will have to fight on combinations of 20 and 10, so the tension comes from getting to the end as fast as they can while still collecting a lot of fruit along the way.

Kirby rolls through an ice cream course at Kirby's Dream Buffet.

Between these races, players will make a faster run where they will have to grab fallen strawberries. The Grand Finale is a frantic timed battle where all four players are dropped on a platform and can hit each other using copy abilities to steal fruit from each other. Matches take place in a jiffy, but they are always lively due to the frequency of lead changes. For those who love yelling at their friends during Hot Mario Party gameAnd the Dream Kirby Buffet It brings a similar mess.

In Nintendo fashion, the stakes are still low enough to make it a fun party game that a kid can win. At the end of the final stage, the game awards three random rewards, which give each player an additional 40 strawberries. I often find myself winning matches I’ve played terribly in just because I’ve been moving around so much during the tour. This aspect may frustrate those who want to compete, but it’s a Kirby game about eating strawberries. What do you expect, a thriving sports scene?

The Battle of the Kirbys in the final stage of the Kirby's Dream Buffet match.

Instead of creating a multiplayer team game, Dream buffet is more than Celebrating Excellence With a sweet introduction. The ranking allows players to unlock art from the series’ past and old music that can be played during races. The most fun I’ve had with the game so far hasn’t been from winning a round, but from downloading and getting the original soundtrack of the Kirby racing theme in all its subdued glory.

Combine that with some great, superb, detailed food levels, and you’ve got a multiplayer game that feels like dessert. It won’t fill you up like a meal, but a little sugar now and then is a treat.

Internet problems

I would be willing to spend more time on it Dream Kirby Buffet If it weren’t for some frustrations that spoil the party. The movement generally seems a touch impractical, as I often find myself bouncing off the edge. When Kirby veers off course, he can bulge out to jump again, although he tends to get awkwardly stuck in the air until he runs out of breath, because it’s already hard to get him back on stage.

These handles are simple, but the biggest problem is Nintendo’s online infrastructure. If you’ve played a lot of Switch games online, you’re probably used to things freezing every now and then. In my experience so far, the hysteresis is consistent. The game’s slideshow-like stuttering stop is a real momentum killer, especially in a racing game. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a tough turn only to be frozen like a lollipop for a few seconds.

I’m not sure if it’s a broader issue with the Nintendo Switch or an issue with how developers are incorporating online play here. What I know is that it’s the same problem that prevented me from enjoying First Party Games Such as Super Smash Bros. Game UltimateAnd the Mario Tennis AcesAnd the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and others online with friends. Kirby is the latest victim of this trend, although it is more prominent here because online play is the whole game. There is a local option and a free play mode, but if you buy it, you can play online.

Whatever the cause of the problems online, it adds a sour taste to my sweet time Dream Kirby Buffet. I enjoy quick matches, low stakes gameplay, and delicious visuals. It’s as if Nintendo made a delicious ice cream sundae and forgot to put it in a bowl.

Dream Kirby Buffet Available now on the Nintendo Switch Online Store.

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