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It’s been a tumultuous week in the world of Texas Rangers, with the manager Chris Woodward Getting Fired Monday and Chief of Baseball Operations John Daniels Follow him out the door on Wednesday. With the departure of General Manager Daniels Chris Young He served as the chief decision maker for baseball in Texas. However, Young clearly did not see this changing role coming, with the club’s managing partner Ray Davis said Kennedy Landry of MLB.com That Young was “shocked” by Daniels’ dismissal.

It has certainly been an extraordinary journey for Young in recent years. The 43-year-old former major league thrower fielded during the 2017 season and signed to a minor league contract with the Padres for 2018. He was eventually released and was hired by the MLB in May of that year to be vice president of on-field operations. A little over two years later, in December of 2020, he was appointed to be the general manager of Rangers. In the above tweet, Landry conveyed that he and Daniels have been pretty much working side by side ever since. Given his less than two years of experience working in the front office of a major league baseball team, it seems fair to assume that he learned a lot from Daniels, who was hired to be the Rangers general manager 17 years ago. Given this difference in their resumes, it is not surprising that Young was taken by surprise by the news, and suddenly found himself at the top of the decision-making hierarchy after such a short time on the job.

Young spoke to Evan Grant from the Dallas Morning News about his hectic week. “I’ve been trying to make sure everyone collectively, especially the longest-serving employees, have a show of support in terms of just knowing the feelings they’re going through,” Young said. “But I want to keep everyone focused on the task at hand. We have great things happening.”

Young was also asked about future plans for the front office, perhaps appointing a new chief of baseball operations or perhaps a new general manager with Young being promoted to a BBO role. “We will assess our needs as we go forward,” Young said about it. “It’s a normal part of the seasonal cycle. We’ll see what our needs are, how it looks like to move forward. We’re likely to lose some good employees to other organizations. This is just part of the hiring process. The first steps are to make sure we line up all our ducks. But it will be part of the discussion.” With the offseason now only two months away, Young will have to work fast to fit those ducks in.

Other notes from Texas…

  • Potential upgrade Josh Jong It doesn’t look like it’s close, as interim manager Tony Beasley said it Jeff Wilson from Rangerstoday.com. Last winter, the young third man looked like a candidate to break through the club’s opening day roster or at least make his league debut soon after. However, he needed shoulder surgery in February, which was expected to keep him out for six months and thus make his debut on the road. He started his rehab stint at the end of July and has been tearing the cap off the ball ever since. In eight matches in the Composite League, he has averaged .240/.345/.600, followed by seven Triple-A games with a .414/.485/1.034 streak. That’s a stunning display in that small sample, but the club considers this Jung’s Spring training, which means they’re focused on re-acclimatizing his body to his regular playing time. This news could be disappointing for the club’s fans who are looking forward to seeing Young take on the big pitches in the league before the unofficial season begins. However, it should be noted that these things can change quickly. Just a few days ago, the Mets insisted they’re not promoting their third young baseman, Britt Patty, before announcing the next day that he had already been called up. Jung isn’t on the 40-player list yet, but he will be eligible for draft base 5 in a few months, which means Rangers will need to add him soon either way.
  • With Woodward sacked, the club will have to think about who they want to be in the coach’s chair next year. John Heyman from The New York Post Tweets that the Red Sox bench coach will distinguished He is one of the potential candidates. The 39-year-old played nine seasons in the majors, mostly with Padres, before moving on to other roles. In 2017, he joined the Cubs, initially as a special assistant to President Theo Epstein, then spent time as first base coach and third base coach. He became the Red Sox coach on the bench before the 2021 season and has held that position ever since. It wouldn’t be the first time his name has been published in management rumours, as he was linked to the Cubs, Giants and Astros prior to 2020, the Tigers and Red Sox prior to 2021 and a thousand before 2022. Given the frequency of that interest, he appears to have a solid reputation throughout the league He could reconsider vacancies this winter. In addition to the Rangers, the Blue Jays, the Phillies and Angels have fired their managers and are hiring temporary replacements this year.

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