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according to Report, The Wall Street Journal reviewed a draft LIV Golf contract for players to join the junior circuit led by Greg Norman and backed by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. While it’s unclear whether draft terms are included in other LIV contracts, the report offers a short peek behind a closely guarded curtain.

The contract draft did not include mention of the hundreds of millions of dollars players were reported to have received, such as $200 million for Phil Mickelson And the $125 million for Bryson DeChambeauwith the magazine reporting that a separate racer dedicated to players included details about the funds.

The following “Extraordinary Provisions” are included in The draft contract was reviewed in the journal:

  • Players get $1 million for winning a major tournament

  • Players must wear LIV Golf (as seen with Patrick Reed at the British Open)

  • Players are not allowed to conduct interviews without consent

  • Players must help recruit other players to join LIV Golf

  • Players must have “consent for most of the logos they wear and branded products,” such as coffee mugs, “that they use at events.”

The magazine also noted that the draft contract was, at times, comparable to what players dealt with as members of the PGA Tour, saying, “The deal is structured with players as independent contractors. They are also widely signing off their media rights from LIV events.” .

Ironically, one of Mickelson’s biggest problems on the tour was How do they deal with media rights?.

Lynch: Mickelson cares about rights, not rights that his fellow Saudis are violating

“LIV Golf, as a startup, is proud to offer competitive contracts to golfers,” a LIV spokesperson said in a statement to the magazine. “Our future is bright and we are still excited by the players and fans.”

Mom has been the word when it comes to LIV Golf contracts, but that may soon change. Last week, three suspended players on the PGA Tour – Talor Gooch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford – lost a referee that would have allowed them to compete in the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Players suspended for competing in LIV Golf events. The contracts were filed with a seal for use at last week’s hearing, and according to the newspaper, a federal judge is expected to rule on a proposal from the round to rescind those contracts this week.

In other legal proceedings, 10 players are suing the tour over their suspension, while the US Department of Justice is investigating the tour for possible antitrust violations.


5 things to consider after LIV Golf players lose the first round in the suit vs. the PGA Tour

The story originally appeared on GolfWeek

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