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Francisco Alvarez, photographed by Richard Nelson

Now that the Mets have added a new batch of junior dropouts to the team’s already improved farm system and the trade season is over, it’s time to take a look at our top 30 predictions list.

The Mets did a great job of capturing top talent in the last 2022 Draft which was highly praised MLB . pipeline It’s the best, and you’ll see that reflected in my list with a handful of new leads in the top 30.

Here are my 30 best updates:

  1. Francis AlvarezC, Triple-A Syracuse – Not surprisingly here, he’s also one of the top potential players in all of baseball.
  2. Britt Patty3B, Majors – Again, I think it’s very clear that Patty is the second best prospect for the Mets.
  3. Kevin ParadaC, 2022 Draft (coming soon) – The Mets’ Top Pick from the 2022 Draft was on the Top 100.
  4. Alex RamirezCF, High-A Brooklyn Cyclones — Ramirez is starting to break into the top 100 list.
  5. Jet WilliamsSS, 2022 Draft (FCL Mets) – The Mets’ second first-rounder for 2022 has a very impressive success tool.
  6. Ronnie MorrisSS, Double-A Binghamton – The hitter is starting to fall off the top 100 lists as he continues to struggle for the base.
  7. Mark Winds1B, Triple-A Syracuse – He still hits for power but now plays mostly first base and hits at a high clip.
  8. Calvin ZieglerRHP, Low-A St. Lucy Mets – The second race movie of 2021 achieved 14.4k/9 this year.
  9. Blade TidwellRHP, 2022 Recruit (PSL Mets) – Possibly a first-round pick if not for downtime this year with injury.
  10. Matt Allan, RHP, Injured – This ranking is about Allan not appearing in a minor league game since 2019.
  11. Joel DiazRHP, Low-A St. Lucy – The 18-year-old has struggled this year, but what he has is still impressive and has been better lately.
  12. Jose BotoRHP, Triple-A Syracuse – Righty earned a high professional grade of 10.5 K./9 this year at AA and was recently promoted to AAA.
  13. Mike FasselRHP, High-A Brooklyn – 2021 Recruit gets a good amount of globe to go with at 10.8 K/9.
  14. Dominic HamelRHP, High-A Brooklyn – 2022 The third round has a 3.49 ERA and 10.7 K/9 in its first 20 professional outings.
  15. Nick MorabitoOF/INF, 2022 Draft – The Gonzaga College High School product was ranked #46 in the draft by Keith Law.
  16. Javier Atencio, LHP, Low-A St. Lucie – A great left-handed 20-year-old to the mid-90s with 11.8 A/9.
  17. Stanley ConsuegraOF, High-A Brooklyn – I had to talk myself into putting him in a higher position, hitting the ball as hard as anyone in the Mets system.
  18. Khalil LeeOF, Triple-A Syracuse – Another Syracuse defensive tackle who struggled with just 0.694 OPS.
  19. Simon JohnOF, DSL – The talented 17-year-old struggled to start a professional career with .628 OPS but is 16 for 17 on stolen bases.
  20. Brice Montes de OcaRHP, Triple-A Syracuse – One of the toughest shooters in minors (up to 102 mph), 40 Ks in 26 AAA rounds.
  21. Jesus BayesINF, DSL – The 17-year-old opened his eyes with great superhuman strength and a big arm.
  22. William LogoINF, High-A Brooklyn – A combination of strong pop, plank discipline, and defense on the left side of the field.
  23. Christian ScottRHP, High-A Brooklyn – Fastball velo up to 97 mph this year, 2.68 FIP and 11.7 K/9.
  24. Jacob Remer3B, 2022 Draft (FCL) – Major raw power for the Mets fourth-rounder.
  25. Eric UrsRHP, Triple-A Syracuse – The home run and health ball has been released this season, but there is still a solid Fastball/Splitter combination.
  26. Willy FanasOF, DSL – One of IFA’s top signings struggled this year in the Mets (.630 OPS) to kick-start his career.
  27. Junior SantosRHP, High-A Brooklyn – Cleaner mechanics helped improve the ride, still only 20, get tons of globes.
  28. Vincent PirozzoC, FCL, – A hard left-handed hitter who made his full season debut at 19 this season.
  29. Raymond Gomez, RHP, Low-A St. Lucy – Up to 100 mph this year on Fastball with 17.3 inches of induced vertical cutoff. 20 only.
  30. Omar Santos, OF, Low-A St. Lucie – Elite speed with 62 base stolen is a bit of a pop (39 XBH), but it stands out a lot.

RHP Colin HoldmanRHP Jose AconaRHP Carson SeymourLHP Nick Zwackand 2b/OF Hector Rodriguez It was on this list before I updated to trades.

Keyshawn Askew, Photography by Ed Delaney from MMO

just missed

The back of my top 30 has been tough for me, and I don’t have much difference in my thoughts on the players who just made the roster and the following players that I just missed:

  • LHP Keyshawn Askew – One of my Favorite players to watch in the Mets due to its unique lower arm angle. He has a 2.72 ERA and 83 strokes in 59 2/3 innings to start his professional career between St. Lucie and Brooklyn.
  • From Brandon McKelwin – The former Cal quarterback is starting to see things click this season. He cut .298/.389/.472 for Brooklyn to start the year before getting an upgrade to Double-A Binghamton recently. There he has suffered annoying injuries and his OPS is only 0.659, but he is a tool player with good speed and superhuman strength.
  • RHP Grant Hartwig – The Mets signed with Hartwig last year after dropping out of college without a project. The 24-year-old quickly developed the Mets Ranch System which is one of their best relief opportunities. Hartwig has a 1.93 ERA with 60 strikes, and allows only one home run in 42 runs this season combined between St. Lucie, Brooklyn and Binghamton. He also ranks second in the Mets minor leagues in spurring balls by 60 percent. It uses a mid-’90s heavyweight, a two-tiered slider in the low ’80s, and an occasional change.
  • LHP Daniel Juarez The 21-year-old has been one of the best pickups in the Mets farm system this year with 1.85 ERAs and 56 strikes in 39 runs for St. Juarez is nearing the top of the FSL leaderboard as he averages just over 20 inches of induced vertical breakage on a Fastball topped at 94 mph.
  • RHP Jordan Ventura/Juander Suarez – This right-handed duo has moved minimal innings this year due to injury and simply need to score innings at this point.
  • c Nick Meyer/Hayden Singer – Two Defensive Thinking Hunters had a hard time getting playing time in the upper minors because of Alvarez. Both are above the average center athlete with Mayer stealing 14 bases this season.
  • Michel Otanez, photographed by Richard Nelson

bring heat

Montes de Oca is a strong pitcher close to the major leagues and Gomez is just getting started, but the Mets have several fireballs in the system now. Here is a list of shooters that I know have reached at least 99:

  • Franklin Sanchez, High-A St. Lucie Mets – The 21-year-old was hitting 100 mph this year. He has a 3.29 ERA, 34 strokes, and has yet to allow a home run in 27 runs this season. The 6’6″ right hand also threw the cutter in the mid-’90s.
  • Michael Otanez, Triple-A Syracuse – Otañez was given serious consideration in my top 30, but his utter lack of control in Triple-A made me rethink his potential role as a major league assistant. He’s been right-handed hitting 102 mph this year, however, and he has 18 walks in 17 2/3 runs in Triple-A.
  • Denil NunezDouble-A Binghamton – Taken in Draft Base 5 by the Giants, just a few months later Tommy John, then was brought back to the Mets in the last off season. Righty has been up to 99 mph, although his WHIP in Double-A is now 2.00.
  • Saul Garcia, RHP, FCL Mets – The 19-year-old has been hitting 99 mph this season for the FCL Mets. He allowed a lot of starting players (1.64 WHIP) but hit 41 in 28 2/3 runs.
  • Iris Albino, RHP, DSL Mets – Another teen whose speed reached 99 mph. He also has issues with key players including 31 walks in 24 rounds.
  • Sami Tavarez, RHP, High-A Brooklyn – Hit 47 strokes in 31 runs, but 26 walks as well. It was up to 99 mph.

stinky injuries

For the most part, the Mets have managed to keep away from any serious injuries this season. Having said that, there are a few players who were at the top of the list or on the list and not due to injury.

  • RHP Matt Allan – Since the 2019 season, Allan has not been able to play in an important match. The 21-year-old underwent ulnar nerve bypass surgery earlier this year as a follow-up Tommy John.
  • LHP Luis Rodriguez The talented young left-back who was hitting 97 mph in 2021 needed Tommy John in March of this season. US baseball and Van Graaf still own Rodriguez (the Mets have his right hand Luis Rodriguez Also) in the Top 30 Mets Racing Teams list.
  • RHP Robert Dominguez Another young pitcher who needed a Tommy John early this year. Dominguez has a great fastball that touched the 90s.
  • INF Kevin Kendall The seventh rider in 2021 had a great spring camp before suffering a wrist injury that knocked him out for the 2022 season so far.
  • From Jake Manjum The talented defensive midfielder was playing for Triple-A when he sustained a back injury in June. He just made his rehab debut with the FCL Mets.
  • RHP Tom Hackemer – Possible side relief like Tommy John in May.
  • RHP Cole Gordon The right-hander started this season in Triple-A having had a huge hit at the end of the 2021 season, but unfortunately he only started once before he needed Tommy John.
  • LHP Josh Walker – Tall injured his arm in late spring camp after impressing in major league games for the Mets. He’s on his way back now that he’s made three games in the Underdog and one with the Syracuse Mets.
  • RHP Marcel Renteria – Relief prospect suffered a ruptured ACL during a brawl with the Portland Sea Dogs earlier this season.

Players who quit

  • INF Joseph Piroza The 22-year-old got off to a rough start to the 2022 season with Brooklyn. He has had his OPS above .700 OPS for the season with a .916 OPS since the beginning of July. Piroza is a good defender at second and third base.
  • Utah Jaylene Palmer The 22-year-old versatile player is out 39% of the time this year for Brooklyn. He has 19 stolen bases in 22 attempts.
  • LF Carlos Cortes – After a good season for 2021, Curtis started the year with 24 wRC+ in Triple-A before being demoted to Double-A where he has only 92 wRC+. Curtis has improved defensively on the court and has shown a strong arm this year.
  • From Nick Plummer – Despite the Mets’ big run earlier in the year, the 26-year-old was recently named to the task after posting 687 OPs to Triple-A.
  • from / 1 b Carlos Rincon – The 24-year-old was off to a poor start at Triple (58 wRC+) prior to the injury in June from which he has not returned.

Young players to watch

  • RHP Lionel Ovalis The 19-year-old recently made his full season debut with the St. Lucy Mets having clocked a 2.76 ERA with 44 strokes in 29 rounds for the FCL Mets. Ovalles appears to be part of a perfectly sized pitcher and has hit 97 mph with his Fastball this year. It also features a curve reel with high spin rates in the 2800s and a shift.
  • SS Beginner accounts The short, 19-year-old started his first taste of the full ball of the season at St. Lucie with a bang, collecting 12 additional key strokes in his first 20 games including a hat-trick. He’s a strong defender, has above average speed, plays short, second and third.
  • SS D’Angelo Sarmiento The 17-year-old got a $700,000 bounty for signing earlier this year. He is a short defensive short plus at a faster pace and has a .377 OBP in his first 33 games in the Dominican Summer League.

This is the Mets farm system that is now ranked Fifth in baseball by ESPN and eighth by America baseball. Alvarez is arguably the best player in the game, Bate is a top 40 potential player, Parada and Ramirez are in the top 100, and Mauricio, Williams and Ventus are in the next group outside the top 100. The Mets’ last two drafts certainly began deepening a system that was lacking in upside Yet the best potential couple.

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