Francis Bean Cobain is 30 years old and reflects on a near-death experience – the result

Francis Bean Cobaindaughter of Kurt Cobain And the Courtney LoveShe celebrates her 30th birthday today, August 18. in Instagram share Reflecting on this achievement, Cobain opened up about how an incident in mid-air during a 2017 flight changed her perspective over the past several years.

“She did it! Honestly, 20-year-old Frances wasn’t sure this would happen,” Cobain wrote. “At the time, there was an intrinsic sense of deep self-hatred dictated by insecurity and destructive coping mechanisms and trauma than my body or mind knew how to handle, and informed how I saw myself and the world; through the lens of resentment for having entered into a life that seemed to attract so much chaos And the kind of pain associated with grief that he felt was inevitable.”

She continued, “So an event on a plane that brought me closer to death is, ironically, the event that led me to run through this living experience with radical gratitude. I’m glad I proved myself wrong and that I found ways to turn pain into knowledge.”

After sharing a quote about self-love, Cobain continued her promise that she would continue to maintain a positive outlook, writing, “As I enter this new decade, I hope to remain calm no matter how hard the world feels at times, and enjoy the present moment with reverence, embrace the people I am Lucky enough to love them more highly than words can do justice to and reserve space to continue learning, so the growth never stops.”

Read Cobain’s birthday post on Instagram below.

Back in 2017, Cobain open On Instagram, she was on an Air France flight and saw an engine catch fire. Fortunately, she came out unscathed and with a new perspective on life.

“I promised myself that if I made it through, I wouldn’t try to escape the moments of my life,” she wrote at the time. “I have entered the stage of my life where every moment is truly precious. All the mundane “holding” fears that I once let dictate how I function have dissipated. I have been awake and awake where I need to stay in order to live authentically.”

Earlier this year, Cobain break the internet When she revealed that she was in a relationship with Riley Hawk, son of Tony Hawk and Cindy Dunbar. Based on one of the photos in her new Instagram post, it appears that the couple is still together and happy.

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