Anne Heche said she warned her “Ally McBeal” co-star, Portia De Rossi, not to go after Ellen DeGeneres – Yahoo! voices

ann heck She remembered telling Portia De Rossi not to stalk her ex, Ellen DeGeneres, during a 2021 episode of the “Better Together” podcast with Heather Duffy.

In a YouTube video, Hetchi recalled how she “warned” De Rossi about starting a relationship with the comedian. Heche and DeGeneres dated for three years before their 2000 split, with the actress suffering a mental health breakdown hours after the relationship ended.

“By the way, I warned her,” Heche said to Duffy. “Portia even asked me about Elaine.”

And she continued, “Portia attended my wedding [to ex-husband Coleman ‘Coley’ Laffoon in 2001] because I was in “Allie McBeal” with her. Portia even said, “I’m going to chase Eileen.”

Ann Heck’s death in ‘accident’ ruled: Colonel

Anne Heche (left, in 2020) recalled warning Portia de Rossi (right, 2020) against dating her ex, Ellen DeGeneres. <span class=Getty Images“data-src =” />

Anne Heshe (left, in 2020) recalled Portia de Rossi (right, 2020) warning about dating her ex-boyfriend, Ellen DeGeneres. Getty Images

At the time of Heche and DeGeneres’ relationship, they were known for being a pivotal part of the LGBTQ community as one of the few gay couples in Hollywood.

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“You’re not going to be the sticker kid, girl, guess what, that sticker kid has already been picked up,” Heichi said. “And by the way, it wasn’t a great place. But, yours couldn’t be any easier.”

Anne Heck’s relationship with Ellen DeGeneres: a look back

Anne Heche said she was blacklisted from the industry after her breakup with Ellen DeGeneres. <span class=Kurt Krieger / Corbis“data-src =” />

Anne Heche said she was blacklisted from the industry after her split from Ellen DeGeneres. Kurt Krieger / Corbis

“And I’m telling you now, like, red flag, red flag, red flag!” Heche remembered de Rossi’s saying.

“I’ve been annulled since the day I was born,” Heichi said, defending her “truth” about the relationship.

Hitch found humor in her past, saying, “I realized Eileen was driving a Porsche…then she married one. All she was doing was driving Porsches and she put them together and thought they were so stupid because they were so loud.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche in 2000. The former couple first began dating in 1997. <span class=Getty Images“data-src =” />

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche in 2000. The former couple first started dating in 1997. Getty Images

Heche told Page Six last year that the failed relationship not only put her on the blacklist from Hollywood, but also “uninstalled” her from the entertainment industry for a decade.

“I haven’t taken a photo in the studio for 10 years,” she said of the fallout. “I was fired from a $10 million photo deal and didn’t see the light of day in a photo studio.”

For her part, DeGeneres celebrated her 14-year marriage to De Rossi on Tuesday, writing in one of her Instagram posts, “It’s good to be loved. It’s so deep to understand.”

Anne Heck’s car crash scene released: Inside a damaged Los Angeles home

Ann Heck was judged to have died in an accident on Wednesday, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Delay The actress died of ‘Inhalation and heat injuries’, and the method of death was included as ‘accident’.

Anne Heche (pictured in 2015) was removed from life support on Sunday and will donate her organs. The actress was declared brain dead and died after a fiery crash on Aug. 5 <span class=Jeff Kravitz“data-src =” />

Anne Heche (pictured in 2015) was removed from life support on Sunday and will be donating her organs. The actress was declared brain dead and passed away after a fire accident on August 5 Jeff Kravitz

The report also mentioned a “fracture of the sternum due to blunt trauma” under “other important circumstances,” noting her death on Thursday, August 11.

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Only one of five methods of death can be included in the coroner’s report: homicide, suicide, natural, accident, or unspecified.

California law It requires a medical examiner – a coroner to investigate all sudden deaths related to suicide, homicide, or accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The New York Times bestselling author of “Safely Life Support Devices” was withdrawn Sunday, August 14, after it was declared brain dead two days earlier. She is survived by her son, Homer, with ex-husband Cole Lavon, and son Atlas with ex-partner James Tupper.

Los Angeles police refused to investigate the car accident after her death.

Heche found success on the small screen in the 1980s television series and portrayed twins in “Another World,” which earned her a Daytime Emmy Award and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

She rose to fame in the late 1990s for her starring roles alongside Johnny Depp in “Donnie Brasco” with Harrison Ford in “Six Days, Seven Nights” and in the Gus Van Sant remake of “Psycho”.

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