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thug youth And the jonah They talk to each other during a court hearing, but are warned to stop.

Thursday (18 August) both thug youth And the jonah They appeared before the court via satellite for another pre-trial hearing for them RICO’s upcoming trial. During a break at work, two YSL The rapper tried to spark a conversation.

“you are good?” thug youth can be heard asking jonah In a video recording of the hearing.

“I’m fine, brother. Are you okay?” jonah It seems to be responding.

“You lost a little, right?” Thug then wonders, apparently commenting on his artist’s weight loss.

A short time later, someone outside the camera interrupted.

“Sergio, your voice is on, by the way,” a voice rings.

Another voice advised: “Jeffrey, I don’t think you’re silent either.”

The rapper starts talking again and a woman in the courtroom reveals to them that they are being recorded.

The woman reveals, “Hey guys. Everything you say is logged.” “Don’t laugh. Don’t talk to each other. Pretend you’re not here. Don’t say anything.”

According to the video obtained by the Atlanta local news station 11 aliveThe hearing ended with the refusal of Judge Ural D.

XXL I have reached out to Young Thug’s attorney for comment.

Young Thug, Gunna and 26 other members of the YSL are preparing to defend themselves against the massive RICO case brought by the office of Fulton County, Ga. A violent street gang founded by Young Thug. After the 56-man gang was indicted in May, the group was re-indicted earlier this month. Young Thug . is charged an additional fee related to the raid on his home the night of his arrest.

Both thug youth And the jonah Bail has been denied on multiple occasions. According to the prosecution, they have Benefit from YSL partners who are willing to turn around on Young Thug. The identity of at least one of the witnesses It was leaked online resulting in the person and his family receiving threats. YSL’s trial is scheduled to begin on January 9, 2023.

Watch a video of young Thug and Gunna interacting in court below

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