Graph comparing Hubble, ALMA, VLBA, and EHT views of M87 . black hole

Shiny ‘photon ring’ of supermassive black hole revealed in new image –

The newly redesigned image of a black hole at the heart of Messier 87 (M87) peels off the black hole’s layers to reveal photons scattered around by this object’s massive gravitational effect.

The black hole at the core of M87, which is located 55 million light-years from Earth, was the subject of event horizon telescopethe first-ever image of a black hole, was released in 2019. The image that closely resembles theoretical predictions of what supermassive black holes Their immediate environment should look like a golden ring of material racing around the outer edge of the Black holeThe surface of light trapping is called the event horizon. But hidden by this material, astronomers expected to find an artifact of the black hole’s gravitational influence, a thin, bright circle called the photon ring.

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