Music Can Ease Pain – As Long As You Can Choose The Song You Hear – Study Finds

London – Some of the best music is inspired by intense splits and emotional pain, but fascinating new research has found that controlling the songs we hear correlates with less sense of physical pain. Scientists from Queen Mary University and University College Dublin report that marked control over musical choices shows an association with acute pain relief.

Study participants who were under the impression that they controlled their pitches reported less pain than others who had no musical independence.

Previous research reveals that music has The ability to relieve pain, especially chronic pain (lasting more than 12 weeks). However, the mechanisms underlying the relationship between pain and music remain unclear, especially when it comes to acute (short-term) pain.

The primary “features” that make up music, such as rhythm or energy, do not seem to be all about pain relief. Instead, researchers say, feeling that you are in control of your musical decisions appears to be a key to pain relief. However, previous studies on these subjects have used only samples from the laboratory, which failed to investigate the effect of music on pre-existing acute pain in the real world.

Playlist control leads to more pain relief

To better understand this topic, the study authors asked 286 adults dealing with real, daily acute pain to rate their pain before and after listening to a piece of music. The study authors emphasized that this pathway was carefully synthesized in two different versions of of varying complexity.

Participants were randomly assigned to listen to the low or high complexity version of the song, while others were given the random impression that they He had some control On the musical qualities of the song. This was not actually true. Everyone heard the same tone regardless of their input.

In the end, the experiment revealed which participants felt they had some control over their music Stronger pain relief from other volunteers. According to a series of surveys, the group enjoyed both versions of the song, but the study authors found no link between the music’s complexity and the amount of pain relief it provided. The team also notes that those who engaged more actively with music in their daily lives experienced better pain relief associated with feeling in control of their music.

Altogether, the researchers conclude that this work strongly suggests that music choice and engagement are essential to optimize pain relief benefits. listen to music.

“We now know that the act of choosing music is an important part of the well-being benefits we see from listening to music. The study authors concluded in a Media release.

The study Posted in One Plus.

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