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On Thursday, a day before their only preliminary match at Lambeau Field this summer, the Green Bay PackersCoordinators met with the media for press conferences. In the beginning was the new special teams coordinator Rich Bisachia, who last year was the interim head coach of Las Vegas Raiders.

This week, we finally saw kicker Mason Crosby, who is physically unable to perform due to a knee injury, training with soccer. Previously, he only worked on the air or using a Packers-branded soccer ball with his rehab kit. Bisaccia said the following about Crosby’s injury: “I’m not sure about the schedule. I know he’s getting better every day.”

Hopefully Crosby will be back in the team sooner rather than later as his current replacement, Ramez Ahmed, will get his first job at Packer on Friday. Ahmed signed this week After Green Bay’s first substitution option, Gabe Brkic, Was waived with injury appointment. Berkic kicked against San Francisco 49ersbut his health limited what the team could do at the starting reps.

Punter Pat O’Donnell, entering his ninth year in the NFL, is a well-known commodity, but there are questions about the ultimate specialist: the tall rookie snapper Jack Coco.

“I think he’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, but we’re excited about what he’s up to at this particular point. This will be another big game for him. Practice has been a big problem. I think he understands that he’s up against 31 other teams. Just because there’s no other player here doesn’t mean we’re a bit of a rollercoaster. We don’t look at everyone in the league or the players who might not be playing right now. So I think he knows he’s in constant competition.”

Only one team in the league, According to the depth charts of OurladsMore full time snapper lists: Cincinnati Bengals. If there are Packers who are going to replace Coco, it will likely come from someone off the street. A little over a week ago, two snappers – Mitchell Frapponi and Antonio Ortiz They were brought in to practice at Green Bay with 15 other players.

When asked what Bisaccia saw in Coco to ensure the development time the team spent on him this summer, he replied, “We liked his physical size. We liked that he was a focused player in college and had a tremendous work ethic from what he saw on tape and the people we spoke to.”

Next was defensive coordinator Joe Barry, the only 2021 coordinator remaining in his position for the 2022 season. When asked about 2021 cornerback Rasoul Douglas and his ability to play in the slot, Barry said: “I think you all know Rasool. He has a great feeling.” He is an instinctive and conscientious footballer.I think you can put Sul anywhere in the background and he will find a way.Obviously the placement of the nickel corner is unique, it’s different playing inside than outside.He did a great job.We still put [Jaire Alexander] there. you know, [Darnell] Savage was getting a lot of work out there before he hit his hamstrings family night. It was later reported that Keisean Nixon, Shemar Jean-Charles, and Innis “Thump” Gaines had also seen work in the slot this summer.

Barry also praised the signing of free agent Garan Reed, a defensive line man who was also Start as a defensive end 3-4 With “those” in addition to contributing as a defensive entrance nickel.

“He has played a lot of football and he has played a lot of football at a high level. He has had ten years in the business, which is impressive for his internal players… He brings a lot to the table not only as a veteran but a veteran who has played at a high level. We will put him in every I think he’s a guy if he’s in a real 4-3 system then he can be a 3D stereotype, but he can play up and down. He can play on a position. He can play on a goalkeeper. He can play after the tackle.”

Last but not least was offensive coordinator Adam Stinavic, who was full of questions about the offensive line – the unit he coached with the Packers in 2021. Judging by the way Stinavic spoke about handling Josh Nijman, the team appears to want to keep him on the left-hand side, if He had to play, if that was possible.

“I think he should focus more, once he’s finished [to right tackle], from just being able to basically flip his brain to the right side. That’s something I’d like to see him do a better job of.”

“He’s got all the tools and all that stuff to do that. Your right tackle isn’t necessarily the guy holding your run, and your left tackle is just the pro passer. There are good defensive ends on both sides that you have to fend off. Basically he’s playing with his fundamentals on both sides. And I think when he goes on the right side, he kind of struggles with that sometimes.”

He was one of the most prominent players in the opening pre-season Rookie offensive line man Zack Tomwho alternated with “people” as the correct treatment and since then has seen it Practicing shots in the left guard distance Activating the correct start expected for Elgton Jenkins treatment. Stenavich had the following to say about Tom, “Zach has shown he’s a very smart guy. He’s shown he can handle play, play guard, things like that. We’ll continue to work with him on both positions and his setup. He’s competing. He’s doing a job.” Good. I’m excited about Zack.”

When the Packers handed three draft picks to their rookie offensive linemen in April, third-year out-of-Oregon player Jake Hanson wasn’t expected to be in the mix to start work in mid-August. However, this is where the team finds itself today as Hanson was mixed in as the starting right guard, starting against San Francisco, and as the team’s runner-up.

“Jake, offensively, had one of the best camps of anyone in our attack, just from taking the next step. In his first year, his hip was banged and he wasn’t looking very well. He fixed his hip and looks like a new guy. He’s playing with the body. He’s Smart. He has the ability to play the middle and I’m excited for him.”

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