Oatmeal can be healthy – but not if you cook it this way – eat this, not that

oatmeal It is one of the best healthy foods you can choose for breakfast. First, oats are full of soluble fiber and rich in a specific type of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan, which is known to help slow digestion, fill you up quickly, and even help you Cholesterol management and blood sugar.

But while oatmeal alone is a nutritious breakfast, it also depends on how you prepare your oatmeal and what you include in it. “Oatmeal is an excellent, nutrient-dense, high-fiber option for a meal or snack,” Trieste Best, MPH, RD, LD in Balance Wan Supplements. “Unfortunately, we make decisions when preparing oatmeal that can take away its health value, often without knowing it.”

Keep reading to learn about some of the common ways people unknowingly make oatmeal less healthy, then for more healthy breakfast tips, check out Breakfast habits aging your brain faster.

Add a lot of sugar

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Oats on their own don’t have a lot of flavor, so it’s totally normal to want to add some sweetness to it. Adding fruit or other natural sources of sugar is a great way to do this, but Best cautions against adding too much processing or refined sugars can make your fast Oatmeal is more unhealthy.

“Adding some sweeteners, such as refined sugar, brown sugar, heavy cream, and smoothies to oatmeal can make it more inflammatory than anti-inflammatories, but natural sweeteners can be used in place of these, including fresh or frozen fruit and honey,” she says.

Not choosing the best types of milk

Another thing to consider Oatmeal preparation It is whether or not to use milk, and what kind to choose.

It may be tempting to add high-fat or sweetened milk vegan milk When preparing oatmeal, too. Again, these ingredients can add to the calories, fat, and added sugar content of an otherwise healthy food.”

For example, many people will choose oat or almond milk to spice up their oats, but reading the food label is important to make sure your favorite brands aren’t surreptitiously packing in added sugars.

Oats It’s a popular choice for oat milk, but only one serving actually comes with 10 grams of added sugar and 10 grams of fat. This does not mean that you should not use it, but it can be useful to be aware of all the files Ingredients to add to oats.

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How to make oatmeal as healthy as possible

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If you want to make a healthy, delicious bowl of oats, Best says, “A helpful rule of thumb is to stick to whole foods and natural sweeteners as ingredients, so using toppings like berries, walnuts, honey drizzle, and flaxseeds can increase the nutrient density of your oatmeal rather than deplete it.”

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