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Camel iPhone 14 away from edit iPad 10And we’re expecting an exciting update to Apple’s most boring tablet. If Apple delivers What do we think coming, iPad new entry level It will bring a number of changes.

last beveled edge

It turns out that the iPad 10 will look more like the iPad 1 than any other iPad that comes between the two, and that’s because we’re expecting the iPad 10 to drop teardrop-shaped sides in favor of flat edges. The original iPad started with flat sides in 2010, and today, every model except the iPad 9 has a flat-sided design.

This change will make the iPad 10 look less like a recycled model from last year and more like the entry-level version in a close-knit family of iPads. The iPad 10 will use the same design language as the iPad mini, iPad Air, and both iPad Air sizes.

The only exception would be the proportions of the bezel around the screen – almost every flat-sided iPad sold today has uniform edges and rounded corners around the screen. The iPad 10 will continue to have a thicker top and bottom bezel compared to the thinner side bezels; Rounded corners do not appear to be present in the cards for this release.

This trade-off is reasonable, given that Apple is currently selling the iPad 9 at $329. I suspect it might be more cost-effective to manufacture a flat-sided iPad than an iPad with a beveled edge. Either way, it’s probably more useful to make one design for the iPad than to make two different designs.

Trivially and according to my count, the iPad 9 will be the last Apple product to be sold with Jony Ive’s beloved beveled edge.


Apple changed the iPad charging port from 30-pin to Lightning after just three models in 2012. More recently, Apple dropped the Lightning port in favor of USB-C on iPads, and in fact, the iPad 9 is the last remaining iPad still sold with Lightning.

Apple is rumored to start porting the iPhone from Lightning to USB-C next year. Meanwhile, it will likely complete the transition on the iPad this year. The new base iPad model is expected to switch from Lightning to USB-C for charging and data transfer.

With this change, Apple will be able to say that every new iPad can be charged with USB-C. This is already the case with every new MacBook design introduced since 2015.

Apple Pencil

Design and charging aren’t the only things that have to be standardized with the iPad 10 — replacing the Lightning port also means the original Apple Pencil won’t work.

The first pairs of Apple Pencils charged by plugging into the iPad’s Lightning port which is convenient, but not pretty. Apple listened to the criticism and improved this with a second-generation Pencil. The newer version mates and charges when attached magnetically to the side of the iPad.

Dropping Lightning and moving to a flat-sided design means we can expect the iPad 10 to work with the Apple Pencil 2. Once you make that change, the original Apple Pencil won’t be long for this one world.

This will eliminate confusion about buying the Apple Pencil for the new iPad. There is also a price angle; Apple sells the first generation for $99 and the second generation for $129. While this may be an opportunity for Apple to lower the cost of the newer Pencil, I don’t expect that to happen.

smart cover

As if the iPad 10 didn’t shake enough already, there are two other effects of changing the design.

The beveled edges disappear. The lightning disappears. The first Apple Pencil is gone. Finally, the Smart Cover is no longer a product in Apple’s lineup.

Apple started transitioning from the Smart Cover accessory to the Smart Folio version in 2018 with the iPad Pro. The Smart Cover attaches magnetically to the side of your iPad. However, Apple never made a smart cover for the iPad with flat sides. The Smart Cover started with the curved edge iPad 2, and will end with the curved edge iPad 9.

The Apple Smart Folio sells for iPads with flat sides because it magnetically attaches to the back. This is probably necessary in order for the cover to double as a stand for the iPad. Smart Cover: 2011-2022.

Apple's Folio app leaves three sides of the iPad exposed


Finally is the headphone jack. Apple started beating the headphone jack in favor of wireless-only headphones or Lightning-connected headphones with the iPhone 7, and the iPad joined in 2018 when Apple first introduced the current tablet design language. With this design now coming to the standard iPad, we can probably expect the headphone jack not to make the cut.

There are USB-C to 3.5mm adapters for the headphone jack, but Apple will rely on wireless connectivity and discard the dongle.

Personally, I wish I could convince my kids to use headphones with their iPads. Instead, the 3.5mm port was a point of failure. This happened when Something I went into the port and convinced the iPad that it was connected to the headphones – causing the iPad speakers to hang – even though they were technically fine.

Compatibility with standard headphones seems to fit the entry-level iPad most popular with kids. Wireless headphones are more expensive and add another battery to manage.

Personally, I would be sad to lose the headphone jack and Smart Cover accessory; However, a more modern design and compatibility with the latest Apple Pencil will be welcome. Alas, Alas! Alas, long live USB-C. The Lightning was a great upgrade from the 30-pin connector and it served us well. Lately, USB-C has served us better across a wide variety of devices.

iPad 10 . concept

Are you excited for the upcoming iPad 10? Is there something you’re not yet ready to see? Let us know in the comments!

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