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Browns welcome Eagles to town for first joint training: What happened at Browns bootcamp day 15 –

Berea, Ohio – The Browns still took the practice field Thursday, in the hours after Official announcement that midfielder Deshaun Watson has been suspended for 11 games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

On the field, it was the first day Cleveland faced a training opponent other than themselves, as the Browns welcomed the Philadelphia Eagles to their first two pre-season training sessions on Sunday at First Energy.

“I met (head of the Eagles) (Nick) Siriani and his crew last night,” Kevin Stefanski said. “I got my coaching staff together just to get ready for the day, review the plan and all these kinds of things. I think it would be really good for us. This is a comma team. Schematically they’re a lot different in attack and they’re very different in defense so I think that’s really helpful for us to have two strong working days against each other and then the game on Sunday. I look forward to it.”

Here are some highlights from the 15th bootcamp training:

Jacobi Brissett with those deep Watson shots

As Stefansky promised, we saw Brown move further into giving Brissett’s appearance as their start. That will continue as Watson is expected to do more on the side and individual work as Browns Brissett prepares for their first 11 games.

It obviously looks different compared to when Watson came out. Watson isn’t afraid to make a big throw, but on the other hand, Brissett will likely make the easiest option available to him. During 11v11 and 7on7, he threw a lot of quick peeks into the first level of defense, hitting guys like Donovan Peoples-Jones and David Bell, instead of taking a lot of deep shots. He hit a tight end David Njoku for a solid 20-yard gain in the early part of training, however, and found Amari Cooper to play who would have earned the Browns about 30 yards in a real game.

However, Watson still made several big throws with the second unit. When teams were split over two fields and Brown’s attack went against the Eagles defense (and vice versa) Anthony Schwartz hit the way to go for what appeared to be a gain of over 65 yards.

Watson also called Nakia-Griffin Stewart for an explosive play, making a nice throw while running to the tight end during 11-on-11.

Working in the trenches

We expected trench fights to be interesting going into these practices, and it was fun to watch the Browns’ internal offensive line rise against the challenging Eagles line of defense.

The PFF ranked the Eagles 9th in their defensive line rankingand the Brown’s second offensive line. The Browns have since lost starting center Nick Harris this year due to a knee injury. Ethan Bosic intervened, holding out against Fletcher Cox and Jordan Davis. Dragging White Teller and Joel Bittonio was key in those games as well, and watching them play on Thursday was just a reminder that they are some of the best keepers in the league.

Cox and Davis had some early stops, but then the Browns held them at bay for most of the afternoon.

defensive meals

Parnell Motley and Jacob Phillips both got interceptions for the Browns when facing the Eagles’ attack. Phillips even added at the “Fly Eagles Fly” celebration, flapping his arms like a bird after he caught Gardner Minshaw. He paid for it 11 to 11 later when he was pancaked by Eagles guard Landon Dickerson.

Dallas Guedert, receiver in Philadelphia, had really good training, but Ronnie Harrison got a good pass against him.

The Browns’ rookie Martin Emerson Jr. also had a great pass breakup, but DeVonta Smith gave him some fierce competition in most of the workouts.

Jedrick Wills is out during 11-on-11, Miles Jarrett is still excused

Brown started to tackle the left, and Jedrick Wells Jr. was involved in training, but was replaced by Alex Taylor during the last 11v11 session when the two teams competed on the same field.

On the other side of the ball, Brown was still without Miles Jarrett. as such reportedGarrett has been released from training for the fourth day in a row to be alongside a seriously ill family member, but he is on his way back to Cleveland and could be on the field for Friday’s second joint practice against the Eagles.


Denzel Ward appears to be coming off well from a foot injury that cost him two months. He did 7-on-7 practice on Thursday, but not in the group training part. He only did individual training on Mondays and Tuesdays this week when he came back.

Brown’s other starting corner, Greg Newsom’s second, remained off the field with a hamstring injury. Isaiah Thomas (hand), Chase Winovic (hamstring) and Michael Woods II (hamstring) also continued to sit with their respective injuries.

they said that

Watson, when his former team played the Houston Texans in his first game: “Now, that’s on the way. For now, I’m focused on getting ready to train against Philly and just focus on being the best individual and getting back in shape and getting ready and ready for that moment when the time comes.”

Stefansky on Brisette: “Jacoby, while you guys get to know him better, and I get to know Jacoby too, thinking about the time we were getting Jacoby and the phone calls you made to the people he played with and the people with whom he played with, it was pretty consistent that you were getting a professional A professional, someone who will lead from the outside, works hard in his profession and is just a great fellow.”

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