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WAC COUNTY, NC – A man arrested after a traffic stop in Burke County has been charged with the murder of a Wake County deputy, according to court records obtained by Channel 9.

Representative Ned Bird was shot dead on a darkened section of Battlebridge Road on August 12, but it was not immediately clear why he had stopped there, according to Eric Carey, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. Bird said he answered a local call less than a mile earlier in the night, then entered his notes into the system.

according to WRALAuthorities said lawmakers went to the scene after not hearing from Baird for several hours. Once his body was found, deputies also found his K-9 still inside his car — and the mayor’s office said it indicated that what he encountered initially was not considered a significant threat.

Days later, sources said the North Carolina Highway Patrol stopped on Interstate 40 on Tuesday after receiving information about two separate vehicles in Burke County. The cars were heading west together but then separated as the soldiers approached. Then two men were arrested.

A family member told Channel 9 that the men who stopped were brothers Otoro and Alder Marin-Sotillo.

Dave Faherty of Channel Nine was at the scene at I-40, where the two brothers were arrested. He also saw them taken to the Burke County Sheriff’s Office along with ten US guards and other law enforcement officers.

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After days of interrogation, WRAL . reported Thursday that Otoro faces a charge of premeditated murder in Bird’s murder.

“It is a pleasure for this office to be able to share one of the suspects we believe involved in the death of Representative Ned Bird accused of murder in that case,” said Gerald Baker, Wake County Sheriff.

Otoro faced a judge on Thursday afternoon, who requested a court-appointed attorney. Prosecutors said they will decide within the next 90 days whether or not to seek the death penalty.

The sources also said hours before the charge was announced WRAL On Wednesday evening, a truck linked to Bird’s murder was found in Winston-Salem. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office said the truck driver was believed to have been near the crime scene. Police initially reported that the truck was white, but officials said the truck was painted red before it was picked up and returned to Wake County, WRAL mentioned.

The Wake County Police Office said during a news conference Thursday that there may be additional arrests in the case.

The announcement of Otoro’s indictment came on the same day family and friends attended a visit to the Post, and 24 hours before his burial on Friday.

No other details were disclosed.

(Watch below: Sources: Federal authorities help Wake County deputies with two arrests in Burke County)

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