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USC is one of the major college football teams on the West Coast, so a shock was sent through the college football scene when it was announced that the Trojans were leaving Pac-12 and uniting with the likes of Michigan and Ohio State in the US. Big ten.

As if this news wasn’t seismic enough, the Big Ten managed to poach USC’s cross-town rival, UCLA, in the deal, too.

It was a two-for-one heist for the Big Ten as the conference was looking to keep up with the SEC in the race to expand the conference (the SEC will add Texas and Oklahoma). It’s also been great for both the USC and UCLA, who left behind the Pac-12, which has pulled off a more than disappointing football product lately.

All is well ends well, right?

But the problem with UCLA is that this story isn’t over yet.

UCLA – short for University of California, Los Angeles – is part of the University of California System. It is the most well-known school in the system, in part due to its size and athletic success, but nine other campuses participate in the system. This is a list that includes the University of California at Berkeley, better known as Cal Bears.

Why is this important to both UCLA and the Big Ten? Turns out, not everyone in the UCSD system was down with Bruins’ departure for the Big Ten. The regime’s leadership just met and proposed a new rule that would prevent a single campus from making a major sporting decision on its own.

Sounds familiar, UCLA?

System leadership is also looking at a way to prevent UCLA from joining the Big Ten. This is according to a report from Los Angeles Times.

“It is important to understand that when governors delegate power to the president, they have not relinquished it or forfeited it,” said Charlie Robinson, the attorney general for the University of California system. “Basically, what they did was unfold it so that it became the authority with the rulers and the president.”

One of the trustees, John Perez, appears to believe that the regime’s leadership has the power to prevent UCLA’s move.

“All options are on the table, including him,” Perez repeated. The result is.”

This could be a major hurdle for both UCLA’s and Big Ten’s expansion plans, and it looks like this saga is just beginning.

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