Little League World Series player injured in bunk bed falls out of intensive care, takes steps with help – ESPN

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – The family of a 12-year-old Little League World Series player from Utah who sustained a head injury after falling from the top of his bed in a dormitory complex on Thursday said he has been moved out of intensive care and is able to sit, eat, and take steps. supported.

Snow Canyon bowler and defensive player Easton Oliverson of Santa Clara, Utah, sustained an injury Monday and was listed in critical condition on Tuesday.

But according to what was reported Thursday on Instagram account The family is set up to share updates, he’s now back in a regular hospital room and can communicate with his parents, Jess and Nancy, and other family members.

A video attached to the post also showed Easton drinking and feeding himself.

“We are amazed at his strength and willingness to try new things,” the post said. “He was communicating frequently with his mother, father, and uncles who were in the hospital with him. His voice was noticeably clearer when he spoke! He asked Nancy about his hair, and why he was there.”

His father, Jess, told ABC News in a text message, “We’ve taken a few steps with help, but he hasn’t walked alone yet. Hopefully it will soon.”

The Santa Clara team, which Jess also serves as an assistant coach, was the first Utah team to make the Little League World Series. She represents the Mountain District and is scheduled to play her first game Friday against the Southeastern District team Nollinsville, Tennessee.

Little League World Series officials also announced in a statement Thursday that Snow Canyon was filling Easton’s open roster with his brother Brogan Oliverson.

The Little League said adding a qualified player is common in certain situations, including medical absences. The move has been approved by the tournament committee and Brogan will be eligible to play in Friday’s game.

The boy’s uncle, Spencer Beck, acted as the family’s spokesman and told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Easton fell out of bed in his sleep and hit his head.

“His colleagues heard him fall, thank God,” Beck said in a phone interview. “When they had surgery, the doctor spoke to Jess and said that if he hadn’t had surgery, but 30 minutes later, he would have died.”

The family created a Venmo account for the child nicknamed “Tank” to help with bills and expenses.

“He’s making great strides, and we as a family couldn’t be more grateful,” the Instagram statement read.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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