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Chicago Bears RB Khalil Herbert He played 100% of the team’s offensive strokes with the starters before leaving at the finish of the start, indicating a potentially big role this season.

The Cool qumt It was targeted on three days Justin FieldsFive passes in his first pre-season action.

• The Seattle Seahawks used Noah you areAnd the will cheat And the Colby Parkinson With a start, making it unlikely anyone would have a tight start in fantasy football.

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Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks

Draft Khalil Herbert: David Montgomery He missed another preseason game due to an undisclosed injury, allowing Herbert to play 100% of the shots with the start for the second week in a row. Leave the game again once you have finished the start. It was good to see Chicago share him as receiver (two receptions) and pass protector. Receiving and blocking are not his strengths, but even low proficiency there is better than staying off the field. non-veteran Punished Ebner He was the next linebacker on the field and appears to be locked into third place on Chicago’s running back depth chart, but it seems unlikely that he will contribute this season without an injury.

Herbert is Montgomery’s obvious limitation, but he could also see plenty of play time depending on how the new coaching staff wants to distribute the touches.

Draft Philos Jones Jr. In deep tournaments: Jones missed his first preseason game with an undisclosed injury but made his NFL debut Thursday night. The third-round selection was played in three sets of the receiver with the starters and they continued to play once the second team arrived. Possibly slipping to 4th place on the Chicago receiver depth chart at once Byron Pringle He’s back from a quadriceps injury, but he’s got a good chance to excel Equimus Saint Brown For third place he could eventually pass Pringle, too.

There are plenty of rookie wide receivers to tap into before Jones, but he has a clear path to play, and the quality of his gameplay is unknown.

Keep in mind the wording Cool qumt Just in case his ADP goes down: The Bears narrow streak missed the Bears’ first game before the start of the season but they did start this one. It was a great start with two catches from three for 31 yards – both passes were on first descents. On the downside, he didn’t play all nine attacking shots He only ran a track in five of his eight passes. Invest bears in spare tight ends James O’Shinawsi And the Ryan Griffin, so they can rotate to Kmet more often than in years past under the new coaching staff. Attack coordinator Luke Getsy came from Green Bay, which rotates constantly at the narrow ends. Kmet is usually the 12th party selected in fantasy drafts, but he will need to maintain his former size while improving greatly as a player to ensure that selection.

Draft Travis Homer In deep tournaments: Both Seahawks defenders who were vying for the early job missed this match due to injury, allowing Homer to be the relegated linebacker. It was the Seahawks’ only attack during the first 20 minutes, scoring 46 yards from three carts and one of the team’s only two receptions. Played all of the Seahawks’ first 12 plays before DJ Dallas took over. Homer appears to be locked into third place from the Seahawks and a two-minute return drill. Seattle’s offense didn’t look great, which means Homer can get a huge amount of clear passing opportunities when he’s on the field. If one of the Seahawks’ fugitives gets hurt, Homer will also play some picks in the early touchdowns, which will be enough chances to be a fancy start in some matches.

no draft Noah you are: Fant was part of Russell Wilson trade this spring. His use in the first pre-season match was worrisome, as time split with the 2020 fourth-round pick Colby Parkinson for the entire first half. will cheat He missed that match but returned on Thursday night to complicate the situation. Fant and Dissly both started and proceeded to use them interchangeably throughout the first half. Parkinson’s joined the turn in the third engine. Fantasy appears to be at the top of the depth chart, but any narrow end would be hard-pressed to make a consistent fantasy start with this kind of spin. It will be more difficult with the Seahawks quarterback.

Ignore the Seahawks’ wide receiver footage tonight: DK Metcalfe And the Tyler Lockett They weren’t supposed to play, but they both played all three shots on the first drive before leaving for the rest of the game. They are locked up at first. Freddy Swain He played five of the six pickups in the Seahawks’ first two drives, but then his night ended. He is probably locked up at the third reception point.

Table Notes
  • The shots include replays that have been restored due to penalties, including offensive passing or defensive interference. These plays have been removed from the other three stats.
  • Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy may be from a clear pass thrown, as the NFL might give the goal to the nearest receiver, whereas this data would not.
  • Pregnancy only on designed plays. A scramble in the middle will not count against the total number of loads in the game.

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