Giants’ Daniel Jones says he’s had ‘non-football’ neck surgery this season – Big Blue View

New York Giants Twitter caught fire recently, asking about the mysterious scar on quarterback Daniel Jones’ neck. On Thursday, Jones said the scar was the result of a “non-football-related procedure done to my neck” and was unrelated to last season’s neck injury.

“Nick is great,” Jones said.

Jones missed the last six games of the 2021 season with a neck injury. He played in his first pre-season game last week against New England Patriotsdid not report any neck issues after being on the field for two offensive series and taking a few hits.

“Everything was fine, he didn’t have any kind of issues at all, so it was fine,” Jones said.

About his training camp

Jones was 9 of 14, unofficially, on Thursday with a pair of touchdown passes. There have been some offensive ugly days where the Giants work through what will and won’t work in the new attack they install.

“I’ve had good days and bad days, and there’s a lot to keep working on throughout this, but I feel like I’ve made progress and learned a lot in this system and will continue to do so,” Jones said.

“I think that’s part of playing any position, especially quarterback. You take it when it’s not always easy, you have to go back and play well, learn from the situation, and like I said, make a change and keep improving. That’s a big part of the position, And that’s a big part of playing football, I think it’s about learning, not repeating mistakes.

Jones said there is an “open dialogue” between him, offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and head coach Brian Dabol about concepts he likes and dislikes as the Giants build their attack.

“I think that’s something they have emphasized to me throughout this whole process and I’m very comfortable doing that. There’s an open dialogue and we’re constantly studying that, talking about it, having those discussions, sometimes it takes getting things to work in practice, looking a few times at it for some coverage,” he said. Jones: “That kind of help helps you figure out what it is, what you don’t like, what you like.” “We’re going through that, and it’s an ongoing process of playing plays, studying them, talking about them, seeing if we can adjust something here or there or What suits us best. But yes, that was a good process.”

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