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The Church of England Pensions Board is under no illusion about the severity of the climate emergency or its impact on the poorest. question about your articleActivists say the head of Church of England pensions shares in Shell are “shocking”, on August 17The increase in the end is: What is the best way to drive emissions reductions? For some, it may be appropriate to sell your stakes in fossil fuel companies to someone else. But this does not necessarily lead to any emissions reductions, nor is it the only strategy that can be deployed.

The Pension Board made a clear commitment to exit, by July 2023, fossil fuel companies that were not independently assessed as having Paris Agreement-compliant goals. In fact, the board of directors went further and would not have any debt issued by those companies to invest in any future exploration.

The board’s current investments represent less than a third of 1% of the total fund. Since the president’s appointment, the fund has reduced the number and size of its oil and gas holdings, excluding investment from companies not on a transition path while continuing to engage aggressively with a small number beginning to shift.

But the Pension Board recognizes the token of residual ownership. Over the next 11 months, it will use shareholder equity, and working with others, to exert maximum pressure on those remaining companies to increase their climate commitments. The board of directors couldn’t be more explicit in its expectation that unless those companies ramp up the ambition of their goals, they will sell their remaining stock.

As a church, we are happy to discuss the most effective tactics, and similarly, we may disagree with some disinvestment activists. But we are united in the seriousness of the issue and the response required to pursue a strategy to achieve a Zero Zero World, not just a zero church or investment portfolio.
Right Reverend Dr. David Walker
Bishop of Manchester

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