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Diablo 4 isn’t slated to release until next year, but in its latest quarterly update, Blizzard laid out its plans for post-release updates. These plans include seasonal content, a paid season pass, and an in-game cosmetics store. It’s all you expect (or give up exhaustingly) in a straightforward service game.

“The seasons of Diablo IV are modeled after the seasons of Diablo III,” says the latest post about the action RPG on Blizzard Blog. “When a new season begins, all characters from the previous season are transported to the eternal world, where you can continue to play, level up and collect loot. To play in the new season, you will create a character and experience new features and new seasonal content while you level up alongside other players.”

Each new season will include “a new gameplay feature and a new mission line that introduces new challenges, puzzles, and possibilities in the higher level experience.” There will also be limited-time live events, incentives to rediscover the world or re-experience old classrooms, and a paid season pass. Classes will be available to everyone, but the Season Pass will allow you to progress through the premium levels of the progression path, with greater rewards than what is available in the free levels. The post says that paying “will not provide any in-game power or advantage over other players.”

The same apparently applies to the in-game store, which will offer cosmetics that will allow you to change the appearance of your character. “Nothing offered in the store grants the advantage of direct or indirect play,” the post says. The store will have some exclusive items, but many of them will also be available to unlock via in-game drops. Perhaps most importantly, the post states that the “shop is transparent”, where players know what they’re buying before they buy it, which seems like a roundabout way of saying they won’t have loot chests.

Blizzard has been receiving a lot of criticism lately for its monetization of the free-to-play Diablo Immortal, a game Don’t feel at home on the computer and on which You can spend tens of thousands of dollars. While the live service games immediately put me off, Diablo 4 and its initial cost make more sense.

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