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WESTFIELD, Ind. Jameson Williams still has a few months to play in his first NFL game, but Detroit black They brought their injured receiver to Indianapolis this week to try out Sunday’s pre-season game on the road and common practices against the Colts.

Lions coach Dan Campbell said the decision allows the team to be “more trained” with Williams as he recovers from a ruptured ACL in January.

“That keeps him engaged in football, in the meetings, we get more hands-on rehab, and then he stays engaged in that environment,” Campbell said. “I mean, this is a different environment, and I think any and all of those things are great for him. For someone who is young and learning what it should be or what it should look like, that’s fine.”

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The Lions are counting on Williams to play a major role as a vertical threat in their offensive this fall, despite being their 12th pick in the April draft. He is expected to sit until the middle of a possible season.

While Williams traveled to Indianapolis, the Lions left several other young players at Allen Park for rehab.

Josh Paschal, a second-round pick, was not with the team as he continues to recover from her off-season hernia surgery, and sophomores Levi Onuzurik and Ivito Milifuno and third-year streak player Julian Okwara stayed home to pick up injuries as well.

Onwuzurike and Melifonwu were as well Since early August After both missed important time last season. Milifuno, who featured in Round Three in 2021, played seven games at full-back last year and is turning to safety this fall. Onuzurek, who was selected in the 2021 second round, played 16 games in 2021 but missed most of the training camp with a back injury.

Asked why Onuzurik didn’t travel with the team as Williams did, and what he missed out on not being there, Campbell said, “It’s hard to go there now just where we are.”

“Look, every day it’s not there, it definitely doesn’t help,” Campbell said. “It doesn’t help him and it doesn’t help us as a team. However, that’s what he is and not his fault. And so, all we can ask of him is to keep dealing with it and with our guys you work with him and he’s getting better. But certainly not as fast as he wants or – but he’s getting better and working So that’s all we can ask for, “Hey man, be healthy and then I’ll go from there.” “

Mr. Lover Man

Austin Bryant had a solid workout against the Colts and, to the astonishment of his teammates, avoided getting into any serious fights.

“Everyone on the team thought I was going to be the one to start the fight, so I decided not to be that guy,” Bryant said. “I was consciously thinking about not being that guy.”

Bryant had a favorite in team practice on Thursday and another rush when he forced an incomplete pass. Bryant hit Colts quarterback Nick Foles when he threw in the second play, causing several colts to groan for Bryant to turn away from the quarterback.

And Bryant apologized after training, saying the call was unintended.

Bryant said, “It’s hard, especially for a guy like me. I’m so emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve when I play this game. I’m actually a very quiet, cool, lover of guys off the ball, if you’re going to believe it. But everyone thinks I’m just a This is a fierce fighter, but I’m really a good guy.”

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