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Side quests sure are fun, aren’t they? An open world RPG was recently announced All our Hail It avoids a main story to double down on those distracting shadows, in a fantasy world not much different from the Bethesda games. Sheikh manuscripts Series like a perennial favorite Skyrim. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of fantasy by watching the trailer below.

All Hail Temos forgo the main missions in favor of deeper side missions.

The fantasy game All Hail Temos is all about side quests that take the game to different endings. The world is like a clock, with dialogue and choices made in tasks moving everything affected by every decision forward. All logged in on a journey to make your choices. All characters and creatures have a daily schedule to keep, and there is a day/night cycle and dynamic weather to keep in mind. You will be able to claim buildings, and even become a mayor.

Your character doesn’t have to crush monsters to stay alive, although that’s always an option. The predicaments in All Hail Temos can be overcome by chatting with NPCs or trading as well. The game features a standard set of ancient weapons, such as axes, swords, and bows, along with magical spells that include a chance to turn back time. There are new skills and abilities for the characters to unlock as well.

Solo dev Geoffrey Howland, who also created Giving game game jam in 2002, says there’s a demo for the intro in September. Howland has been outside the industry for a while, working at Google and other internet companies before returning to game development in 2021. Each Hail Temos is his first new project.

All Hail Temos are heading into early access in steam In the fall, and you’ll be able to try the demo in September.

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