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A week of wild water pipes was produced Many stunning videos around the world – from the rope-like waterways dancing harmlessly over European waters to one of the videos swept and spinning briefly in a hurricane, sending beachgoers rushing for safety.

August saw the emergence of many water pipes around the world including Florida, Greece and England. (Video: John Farrell/The Washington Post)

Water Week started with an amazing week Formed on Sunday outside the tourist area Paliouri, Greece. awesome one The video shows the Aegean hydroslide offshore and near several beachfront resorts. It was churning as if it was dazzling Tourists and locals alike.

There are two dominant types of water pipes – supercell water pipes and what are often called “fair weather” water pipes. Supercell’s water pipes are associated with powerful, moving thunderstorms and share many characteristics with hurricanes that form on the ground. Mild-weather waterpipes, which form without a strong thunderstorm, develop largely thanks to circulation near the surface rather than clouds. tend to be weak but It can pack a punch sometimes.

A devastating hurricane water pipe broke through parts of Smith Island

Any water faucet that hits the ground, even for a brief period before it dies, turns into a hurricane.

At times, the water tube seemed almost indistinguishable from an elephant trunk cyclone, losing some of its width and definition as it turned into a loose zigzag. There were no reports of injuries or damage from this storm.

On Tuesday, what appeared to be a powerful aquarium formed off Destin, Florida, which is on the state’s Gulf Coast. The Great Fountain was captured as it moved parallel to at least one seaside resort, with a severe thunderstorm blasting off the lightning behind the storm.

Several special marine warnings were issued throughout the day by the National Weather Service’s mobile office, including several Tuesday afternoon off Destin. who – which warned A stream could have occurred.

Mobile weather service posted tweets later explained How did the stream of water form on Tuesday.

“The Destin Aquarium was pretty impressive, showing what an ideal environment for pipe production could do,” the mobile weather service tweeted, adding that a large amount of circulation amid strong thunderstorms allowed for intense flow To form a water tap.

Despite the severity of the storm, no injuries or damage were reported as the water course remained safe offshore.

A stream also formed off the coast of the UK on Tuesday, a place not usually associated with cyclones.

The United States has the highest hurricane risk in the world. Here’s why.

Touch the twisting tendrils of a stream near the mouth of Fowey Harbor, which is in the south of the country and faces the busy English Channel. The video clip shows the rope-like crater funnel attached to the surface as the storm spews tons of water.

According to a report from independentThunderstorms wreaked havoc in parts of the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday, with flash floods affecting parts of London. Yellow thunderstorm warnings It was mast on the coast where the water formed.

“It was an amazing, beautiful sight,” said Mark McCartney, who spotted the water basin and took a video of it. independent.

Back in Florida, another aquarium formed early Wednesday afternoon off Reddington Beach, a town near Tampa Bay. video Its capture by beachgoers shows that the roaring water column kicks the water just feet off shore before moving ashore, becoming a potentially dangerous hurricane.

The pictures show several small pieces of debris flying off In the air as the base of the hurricane moved down the shore, it almost ran over several people. One man appears to be about It was hit by a tornado as it made its way over a seaside pool, hurling chairs wildly into the air.

WFLA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli said his station That the watercourse was of a mild weather type, as there was no major thunderstorm supporting its development – although these waterways still caused minor damage.

2 weeks ago, another water pipe go to the beach on Smith Island, Maryland, destroying several homes and injuring at least one woman. The hurricane was later classified as an advanced EF-1 with winds of up to 100 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

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