solar eruption

‘Cannibal’ sun blast heading to Earth could make northern lights visible in US – UPI News

solar eruption
Two coronal mass ejections launched from the sun are set to merge Thursday, causing a geomagnetic storm that could lead to auroras as far south as Illinois and Oregon. Image provided by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Wikimedia Commons

Aug 18 (UPI) – A plume of “dark plasma” from the sun is expected to overtake a “cannibal” solar flare that could cause visible auroras over large parts of the United States on Thursday.

The first “dark plasma explosion” was seen on Sunday after a sunspot erupted on the Sun’s surface at 1.3 million miles per hour, ripping through the Sun’s atmosphere and creating a coronal mass, or CME, Wrote.

CMEs are Pull the charged material It’s known as the plasma ejected by the sun when its tangled magnetic field lines suddenly shift and release large amounts of energy. They occur frequently, but they can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and cause geomagnetic storms if launched in our direction.

Geomagnetic storms can interfere with radio navigation and cause fluctuations in the power grid.

Monday, a The second CME was created by the collapse of a giant magnetic filament and also ejected from the sun.

The second eruption is expected to become more active and eventually faster than the first, bypassing it in a process known as CME dismantling.

When the cannibals reach Earth, they were expected to cause a G3 geomagnetic storm — which occurs when planets with strong magnetic fields, such as Earth, suck solar debris from CMEs.

Geomagnetic storms are classified from G1 to G5 according to their intensity. A G3 is a strong storm.

G3 storms can cause intermittent problems with low-frequency navigation and satellite navigation, increase drag on low-Earth orbiting satellites and may require some power systems to make voltage corrections.

Storms don’t usually cause much trouble to normal human life, but severe storms can create things like blackouts. Earlier this year, a geomagnetic storm affected several of SpaceX’s satellites and effectively drove them back to Earth.

The British National Weather Service forecast Thursday that the geomagnetic storm will be minor and not cause major disruption.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also predicted that the storm could cause Visible northern lightsor the aurora borealis, to be visible in the mainland United States.

The Northern Lights can be seen as far south as Illinois and Oregon, and they are outside their natural world.

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